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To upper eighties and the I e right now. 72 in Dana Point. It's 81 in Anaheim, 90 in West Hills and 89 in Sherman Oaks. We leave local live from the KO Phi 24 hour news room. I'm deaf remark. Thistles warning. She's been up since two in the morning, so she may make no sense today. I had lots of coffee. Who let energy today? Yeah, that's great. Exhausted and a lot of energy get next. Johnny Kensho. John Coble, Kid champ. Okay, if I am 6 40 live everywhere in the I. Heart radio After from the John Cox campaign for governor in the recall, they just sent out an email the animal protection A rescue league did file a lawsuit against John Cox over that bear. E don't know what's in it yet? I haven't seen a new story. I must be Newsome lovers. That's what they're claiming in the seat. That's where this finding his liberal friends out there to help him try to damage any opposition. Somebody from the Newsome campaign asked for a favor, so you could you could file a lawsuit for any nonsense reason. But they're the animal protection and rescue League. They're worried about the bear. The Bears of performance bear. I don't know why there's nothing there. Barry's been doing stuff for years, but I understand that there has been a performing bear for a guarantee you it's a Newsome paid for smear job. And whatever that organization is, ought to be ashamed of themselves. But there is no shame. Toxins not doing anything wrong. Having a bear perform on appearances. We will be at the recall desk later this hour. There's a interesting development. Among the Newsome lovers. There are a few out of them. They might want this recall election sooner rather than later. But they're afraid he'll do something stupid. You know, every every day longer it takes to have the recall election is another day, he might stick his foot in it. Yeah. A lot of other things could happen between now and November. All his talk of fire is burning up the state power outages, right exactly. Rile up people all over again. Does it variants Covad Variants? Triple mutations? Thanks possible you might get hungry and go to the French laundry. Now. This story from NBC News that shook me today when federal health officials recently announced it fully vaccinated. People no longer have to wear masks in most situations. Jazz. Johnson was among those who kept hers on Johnson 46 from Kansas City, Missouri, has received both doses of the cove in 19 vaccine. She has no desire to go mask list for the past year. Johnson's avoided colds and flu She normally gets so has her 95 year old grandmother who lives with her. All right, that one I could e don't defend, but I can kind of Understand, But when you dig deeper into the story, it just gets weirder. Here's the real one is weirder. See they have offered her the chance to hide emotions. Such as contempt when someone is standing too close to her in a checkout line. Or board him when a relative tells the same story for the 10th time. I'm one of those people that cannot wire get away with anything. It's been pretty fun now that no one really knows necessarily what I'm thinking. And then there's somebody named Cassidy. It's The whole name 35 years old from Lake Tahoe, Nevada. It's exhausting having to put on a smiling, calm, brave face. Navy veteran, Cassidy was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and a girl phobia masks feel like a shield. That prevents uncomfortable interactions. While running errands are quote I can absorb the environment in a much more controlled manner without having to think about what my face is doing. And having to think about someone seeing my face. Holy mackerel, find these people. I've never thought about what my face is doing. I know He's a very sensitive very weird people just standing in line. I wonder what my face is doing right now. Oh, Well, what if somebody sees my face? Wait, You have a I don't know. This is a man or a woman. It's Cassidy. Uh, yeah, I think it just doesn't sound like a guy. I can't imagine you guys worrying about Somebody. Seeing his face and he's worried. I just want to think about somebody seeing his face. Well, it was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. So sometimes I could bring on very the fear of someone kind of fear of someone seeing your face. Jason Cavaleiro 42, a primatologist. In southwest Louisiana. What is that? Is that someone who works with I don't know if you could look primates. That's why I'm guessing still wears his mask most places. At some point in the future, he will be a situational master. I think it no time in history Have people been more aware of their own germs is now Esso going forward. It almost seems irresponsible to not do things like that. Okay, so so The other person is worried about What his face looks like her face looks like Yes, And whether somebody is looking at her face. This guy is worried about his germs. I'm more aware of my own germs. I never used to think about my germs, and now they're on my mind all the time. I'm trying to find another quote. Somebody in here said I like it because it's like a disguise. Boys, some people that insecure with their own. Yeah. Expressions. Have you looked at what I wear a mask as a disguise. Uh, well, have you if you looked at some people Uh, you know, everybody has to get up and look in the mirror every morning and maybe I. And, of course, this article cites public health experts that think this this is really not a bad idea. Off course. Well, they're they're restriction, people. I don't care if you wear a mask forever. I was just curious as to some of the explanations behind it. I had heard the one about Well, if I'm not feeling well, I want to protect others from my germs. That's not completely crazy. No, but it's getting people are worried about their faces doing people where I wanna be in disguise. They like it now. Some people can't see all of them. Wow. Uh, yeah. Oh, yes. Another woman here? That's an introvert. Mass. Give me comfort. It's a little bit of invisibility. Yeah, Thea, Primatologist said, Um, When was the last time you smelled someone's bad breath? Over a year, Right? So you choose what's more meaningful to you. So so this guy's afraid of his own germs and other people's breath. S O is gonna wear a suffocating mask. From now on. I'm aware of my germs. I'm aware of your breath. I'm aware of my face. What is my face doing now? Where is my face? I can't find it. Well, people can save money on Bo Tox. And you know, cosmetic surgery when you have when you're wearing a mask all the time. You don't have to wear lipstick. Save money on cosmetic, right? You could just go out there looking like an old hag and nobody will know because you're covered. Just put a paper bag over your head, then. His cavaleiro guy you get to feel like a mortal Kombat character every day. That's gotta be worth something. And that's guy, the guy that that Z Really bizarre thing about masks. When I first had to put them on. It was horrible. Then you do get used to it. But now that I haven't worn it in a few weeks Outside. Certainly it's good again because when you put it back on to go into, like a restaurant or a story, like, uh I'm down to just wearing it a few seconds a day. Oh, enough to get the bagel..

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