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One ranked women's tennis player iga S.W.A.T. tech and American star coco Goff, both losing in the third round. S.W.A.T. tech had been on a 37 match win streak, Florida waters, the site of two separate shark attacks last week. Rafael piras, the Fox TV affiliate WSB N reports from Miami. A woman down in the Florida keys bitten by a shark Wednesday and left with serious injuries. The attack happened near the tarp and belly keys while the victim who were told is in her 30s was swimming with her family. Monroe county fire rescue met her on shore and flew her to a Miami area hospital. And then on Thursday, another horrific situation. 17 year old Addison buffet talking from her hospital bed about the moment she was also attacked and bitten by a shark up in the Panhandle. I look and it's a big old shark. But they said she was scalloping with her brother and Taylor county just south of Tallahassee went out of nowhere a shark grabs a hold of her. Her brother, Rhett, who happens to be a firefighter, saw what was happening and jumped into help. We're told he was able to fight off the shark and pull his younger sister away into a nearby boat. Animal shelters across the U.S. will be quite busy this 4th of July weekend. We've been seeing reports across the U.S. have crowded animal shelters, but now shelter workers are bracing for another onslaught thanks to fireworks. Cats and dogs scared by fireworks often run away from home, and many wind up in shelters, like the bernalillo county animal care center in New Mexico. Indoors is gonna be the best bet for them. The shelters can diss Sanchez recommends doing what you can to keep your animals calm. Put them in a nice room if you can put them even in a bathroom that they can relax. She says her shelters packed right now and she's hoping for no big influx of frighten 4th of July pets this year. Till NATO, Fox News. I'm Laura Cantor and this is Fox News. For all your glass mirror and shower door needs, visit dulles class dot com, dulles glass, love your glass. When I have an asthma attack, I feel scared. It's like tiny nails in the air book my lungs. I start to cough. Sometimes I my parents have to take me to the hospital. Today, one out of 13 children suffer from some form of asthma, accounting for nearly one third of all emergency room visits. I feel like I'm choking kind of

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