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What else workers united it. Somehow it just gives it an official imprimatur. It really does that. It wouldn't have it really does and it and it does feel at that point literary rather than functional right. it's it workers united and united workers. Yeah one sound so prosaic. Yeah and just like oh. It's just a bunch of maybe. That's because of milling around because it's the less common structure. It's a it becomes distinctive. It's how ranting it really is. Yeah i mean the abbreviation would still be a true. So you could. You could still say that. But i mean a lot of things. You could call a friends. Bill archaic the fact that it was used it came to us. A lot of these constructions came to us via the normans mean. They stuck around. Longer in fields and specialties. Where the educated norman french stuck around longer or was more embedded in the the terms of art for example yes all the sciences all the all the specialized professional fields even religion. For example. you have cleric speaking latin. The norman french. That's why we have life everlasting or god almighty we can still say everlasting life for almighty god. But it doesn't sound weird to us to do the post positive order there. You know the people that i hear this. Most from his alchemists. I every time i'm talking to a group of outcome assembly. Get your word order straight. I must take my my purple. And mix it with my elixir. Royal heraldry. you're joking. But heraldry is is a place where all the adjectives tend to come after you know if you describe. Somebody's coat of arms. It's going to have a bend sinister with a lion. Passant or a dragon rampant. I think ramp is when you're up on your i never. I don't know what all the things mean but it's a raw gets a lion rar royalty. Of course we mentioned it was what the kings of the norman dynasty would have spoken. And that's why we still have phrases like the prince regent right. The queen consort even the idea that we put retinal numbers entitled after ivan. The terrible or henry. The eighth you know. There's no reason it couldn't be the terrible ivan or the henry but but it's just borrowed from from the way the The original king spoke cuisine. You know we get a lot of our recipes from romance languages. So it's it's veal. Parmesan spaghetti bolognese. Not give me some of the volunteers spaghetti right taco supreme like. It's just you. It conveys something it's nicer than a supreme taco sounds weird. Yeah supreme taco. But i do wanna talk a supreme supreme taco might like curtail voting rights whereas a taco supreme just sour cream on it. But it's interesting that we would say that we would say that about a taco that it's taco supreme but we would not say that person Onto me an insult supreme. Right you know like it doesn't it. It doesn't sound like shakespearean right no. It didn't go all the way to permeate our language. it's really located. It's reserved for idols. Yeah coinages that are much closer to two norman. French or two to romantic culture. We hear burger supremo talking. I mean the kind of conveys mid twentieth century a burger royale but we still don't But right but it still doesn't sound. It's still has some kind of cool official sounding brand. Yeah it doesn't sound medieval no but it sounds like a subdivision outside of a philadelphia laws. Another common one where these norman french term stuck around and again. They just sound official malice. Aforethought not court court martials notaries public a lot of times. They're just phrases that stuck around because they became cliche time immemorial an heir apparent to trip the light fantastic. You know these these just only survive in a single context and there are some adjectives. The always go after an now even in english where that's unusual emeritus for example. The diplomat emeritus professor emeritus or galore. Extraordinary it's not grammatically correct to say we've got galore flowers or my wife is an extraordinary chef. Those those words have to come after. It's funny because i have had time immemorial on my list of potential omnibus topic really for a long time because just the concept of time immemorial in the way it's been used throughout history. What does that mean even remembered before. There were memorials to think so before we have records yeah right at a time stretching to infinity or time time into the darkness of time does it include. Would you say the present day part of time immemorial shouldn't i shouldn't give it away at your inch around this. Well yeah i mean we're kind of traipsing around it but but yeah it's it's here it's right in between laugh tracks and oral rehydration therapy on my list of of potential show ideas so you're not alphabetical. I guess no. Do you keep your show topics alphabetical. I keep them chronological but the problem then is it's always just like last in first out. You know there's stuff. I wrote months ago that i i can't even remember what it means anymore whereas the thing i thought of last week is what goes in. Probably the single. Most common use of post positive adjectives in english. The one field that just loves him to death is politics right. We still say the body politic as kind of a highfalutin way to refer to political processes and bodies it's so proximate to law yes and law loyalty and royalty and law and royalty really. The the normans really brought the hammer down in terms of if you think about all the all of our laws are derived from that period. English common law is the basis for a lot of american law. And do you remember. The recent kerfuffle over don't call biden president kind of a right we talk about. We don't call biden president-elect that term is nowhere to be found in an actual legal documents. President is a post positional adjective. The chosen president the elected president. But not yet what. What did the conservatives want to call president biden when he was i think they wanted to call him. President trump. It just didn't work out. There are examples like I mean this is gonna sound very old timey but on voi- extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary. I love those titles but they always feel very turkish german. But that's not true. They were used in western europe. In fact they were used. I think up until modern kind of congress of the times or actually maybe more like league of nations united nations times kind of democratize the relationships between nations because what that conveyed back in the day was we only send our ambassador to the good countries. Everybody else gets an envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary. He has the full power of the of the head of state of the sovereign. He just doesn't represent he's not able to make his own decision in those mobs embassador is supposed to be. As if y- the is standing there ambassador doesn't have to call home and ask. Yeah and he has the full power to do all the things that he does not embodiment of the king. And the same way. I always wanted to be a minister-without-portfolio wouldn't that be great. It just seems like exactly the right job for me. It seems incredibly easy. Yeah all these other guys are. They have portfolio. They're always working through their portfolio. That seems they've got an inbox minister. Plenipotentiary however is not entirely out of date. The island of aruba still has a minister plenipotentiary in fact all the the dutch west indies aruba and curacao they send a minister plenipotentiary to whatever kind council is in charge in in the netherlands in charge of the dutch overseas territories right because they are still colonial possessions. Yes and so. That's the only place in the world where minister plenipotentiary still used. When these aruban and kris allen diplomats research report home to To i guess formerly surinamese independent now but before when it was still duckie on it would have had a minister plenipotentiary but by far the most common use of post positive adjective as we've already alluded to in political life is the blank general. The word the adjective general appearing after titles right. The united nations has a secretary general former many.

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