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Of all of them and i had my first panic attack in it's so crazy to think about because now i have so much compassion in love for people who experience downs or panic attacks or did they call them like psychotic breaks where people have this perfect life and then all of a sudden they literally can't function it's crazy that's basically i had a psychotic break i don't think i've ever really talked about this this fully on a podcast but it was really weird i couldn't function for awhile i don't it was just crazy and it's it's weird that from that i learned so much about myself and compassion and empathy it brought me closer to the higher spirit like it was it was a a moment of a wakeup call for me to a lot of things and brought me really into my body and since then i've been really passionate about brain health and mental health really passionate to talk about depression breakdown i just think that we're not talking about it enough and we all live this really hectic crazy life and a lot of female entrepreneurs are dealing with this and they don't talk about it and you see their perfect life and their business and a lot of them secretly i'm friends with with a lot of great entrepreneurs who are having breakdowns on a weekly basis and are freaking out or on meds and i just not okay with that i don't i don't approve of you know a lot of the medications that are out there i don't think that truly fixes the issue and it's sad because i think women right now is entrepreneurs are trying to be men and we're pushing instead of being enough and it's causing a ton of zion so yeah i'm definitely pretty vocal about it now with my audience and i want to talk to them more about it because i think that mental health is such a big thing that we just don't talk about and men too are dealing with it and they're not allowed to talk about it because it's not the manly thing to do and then there's men having heart attacks and that's pretty much just built up stress and it was crazy it's crazy so so what have what did you you talked about doing a lot or.

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