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Be you went to college you could have gotten into all that yeah well i made the awful mistake that a lot of address do which is you know like you're like oh well i'm gonna i'm going to they're offering me a credit card i'm get that credit card and then you just are suddenly turn around and you're like a lot of stuff and a lot of debt and zero way to pay any of this shit off and like you mean when you were not yeah why was at juilliard right when i got out and then it just was like this crazy rude awakening of like you're you're totally you've set up this thing i mean you're screwed now so you felt that oh yeah yeah i was like one of my do to completely where are you living let's set the thing from where where what do you do you juilliard good for you juilliard is okay for me juilliard is a tough place what had taught i mean i was there during up here when it was a what the big gift of it was resiliency like teaching you i've heard gillian jacobs talk about this i guess she's younger than you buy a little yeah but she's talked about how miserable yeah i mean it was just it was a it was a place that was like i mean they still break they broke down they wanted to break you down they broke you down and if you didn't come in with a set of tools that you were like at at core i know what i do well then they you basically were like i'm gonna dopp all this as the machine and then a lot of people just were machines and that being said the training is insanely fantastic but you have to you have to incorporate it and you have to it's like the best years of juilliard actors during the period i was there was like two or three years after you got out when all that stuff sort of settled and you're like you know you didn't think that the way to talk was do a doping your ds and doing this it was like you that's not it so but i got out in like i just was i started hitting the pavement what did you try to do what would you do those juilliard sort of like showcases for agents you do the league thing where you like in that and during that period at juilliard was they used to they'd had the whole class list everybody's name and then at the top an agent or producer would write like here's my name so it'd be like i'm ron howard and i came to see it and then he would check who he wanted to see so like inward you mean the night up you do your to you do your two scenes and he'd checked the three names they wanted to see him back in the days than i was they for whatever reason they decided they posted them all for everybody to see you all had to see like oh tonight nobody wanted me yeah and there were people that literally like you'd go up there and you just see people fall apart and it was this moment when it was like oh for three and a half three and three quarters years you're building a company and it's like this you know everybody's got something special offer and then the business is like the doors open and like it was like nope ura fuck and leading man and you are a character person who's got to wait five years or whatever it was and what did you feel like i felt like you know like you you got parts kinda quickly right did yeah i mean i worked i was really very fortunate i i got a good agency right at the top and i like theater agents thirty yeah theater agency and and was that your name did you think i'm going to be a theater actor i now but you know like i was i was sort of the leading man at tufts at juilliard i was playing like antony antony and cleopatra and it wasn't until the business sort of was like you know yeah you're not you're something else you're something which ultimately i have found to be way more interesting and exciting for myself but you know like they're so you you were coming out of there to be a movie star i didn't realize this like what.

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