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Clouds along with the sunshine on Tuesday, perhaps an afternoon shower high 52. Rack you whether I'm meteorologist Car Eriksson on NewsRadio 10 20 K. Welcome back to amplify where guests this evening is Dr Susan Modo. He's having a chapter in a book called Sex and the Spiritually Life. Her topic is sexuality, spirituality. And the single life We talked about calling that she felt in her own life being haunted by the desire to identify with Jesus, who remained a single person and felt that she would feel abandoned by God if she didn't abandon herself to God and somehow I hope that's two of of all of us. Um, but, um, there is a priest too. She goes to and talks too. And he says that That Susan should bear the cross of our singleness for for Jesus. But father Adrian had had a different response. Didn't the talking about the, um The phenomenon of the abandonment of the soul that he believed effects everyone at some time in their life. And that was a marvelous insight that father Adrian shared might affect Ah, I'd like to read from page 72 of this book, Sex and the spiritually life in my chapter. Because it really is about a very important theme of reclaiming integrity and wholeness and intimacy. And there I say. My service of love is a single person might have been, too those abandoned bodily like the hungry and the homeless, But I had a strong sense that God wanted me to tend to those abandoned in Seoul. If I had discovered the truth that no amount of world the success could fill. The inner emptiness I've felt might not others feel the same. Father, Adrian reminded me that the phenomena of abandonment of soul affects everyone at some time in their life. My situation is willed by God was not single by circumstance, as in widowhood or single in transition to marriage, but to be single by choice. And to live this location and obedience to the teachings of the church. I would feel abandoned by God if I did not abandon myself to God in my folding feminine sexuality and fully lived spirituality. As always, it was that holistic vision of father Adrian's full the human fully spiritually. He loved the phrase from the great Church Fathers say Mira Nee is the glory of God is the human person fully alive. Of course, there are crosses that everyone has to bear you as a priest. Every married couple has crosses to bear. We singles have to bear crosses, but To really understand that behind that is the celebration that out of the cross comes new life and new meaning, and father Adrian always pointed to that horizon of meaning, and it gave me such confidence that it was possible. To be single by choice, and that that was a beautiful vocation. Blessed by the church. Um you certainly speak of Ah, your spirituality as being Joyful in. Why is it important for singles to show how and why? Sexual expression means much more than merely having sex. But rather it is to say no Tio irresponsible sexual encounters and yes to the art and discipline of loving others with the self giving love with which God has loved. So what You tell us about the self giving love with which we have been loved by God. Well, you know, from reading this chapter that I've been very touched by the wisdom of Saint John Paul, the second who writes in Familiarities Consortia, one of his Wonderful and cyclicals. Love is the fundamental and in eight vocation of every human being. It is inevitably demeaning of the whole person that temple that you so beautifully articulated to sever. Sexuality from spirituality to make it only and it as in a, uh, genital pleasuring that has been removed from the whole truth. They are human sexuality is a pointer to a way in which we express The love and the warmth that we have for one another because of the way Jesus loves us Now that expression can be in the priesthood in the religious life in the married life and also in the single life. And I think that the church has always given us great guidance in that regard that sexuality is not about it. I remember how sad I self when people would brag about doing it. Sexuality is is a valve relationship, and it's a vowel relationship with God and with other people. Whether that relationship is celebrated in Marriage or whether it is celebrated in a more chaste and respectful way in the single life, But it's all about loving and the problem with severing. That notion of love from its whole pointer to the spiritually life and just thinking of it is some kind of quick experience of pleasure really makes for great sadness in a way that's the cross. That many people put upon themselves not across that our Lord wants but formula for unhappiness. You write that before we choose any vocation, married a religious We are One of a kind human being. And that means that we've been called by God. Before we've come into existence. And so we need to understand how special we are that human sexuality Ah, shouldn't ever be reduced to mere physical genitalia T that we are more than our sexual drives for pleasure. The God has a plan for us and having Christ at the center of our life. Of our love, life and tails, refusing to treat anyone as an object of sexual gratification. What then, is the sacred.

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