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On gay away news radio live everywhere on the I Heart radio app locks 31 pinpoint whether tonight Partly cloudy with a low of 26 tomorrow Mostly cloudy high 32 right now it's 28. Our top story on K Away news radio 435,000 struggling Coloradans will soon get that promised check from the state to help them through tough times. I'm proud to say those payments are going out this week, hitting bank accounts automatically. You don't need to do anything. If you file for unemployment, meet the criteria. You should get that $375. We know it's not enough, but we hope that it helps to buy groceries. Food on the table. Make your rent. Governor Pola says More relief is on the way as the Legislature continues to work in special session an ominous note from Dr Anthony Fauci Honey Zoom press conference to speak to Colorado Today he expects to see the effect of Thanksgiving travel and family gatherings in the coming weeks. He predicts a surge upon a surge in cases I think we're going to be looking at 30 or more days of a period of time of precarious risk. While she says if everyone wears masks and follow social distancing protocols, we have a chance to reduce the spread of the virus as we wait for the arrival of the covert vaccines. A follow up report on sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Colorado, as uncovered 46 additional substantiated claims of abuse. All these things have used happened between 1951 and 1999. They were committed by 25 priests, either in the Denver Archdiocese or the public diocese. That's Colorado Attorney General Phil Wiser. The report identifies nine freeze who hadn't been connected to abuse in the previous reports. The Broncos will have a quarterback this week. Three Broncos cubes on the cove in 19 list, tested negative again today and cannot return to practice. The Broncos were, of course without starter Drew locked as well as Brett ripping and Blake Bortles during Sunday's 31 23 home loss to the Saints. Attorney General Bill Bar now declaring he has found no evidence of widespread voter fraud directly contradicting the president's claims that the election was stolen Bar told The Associated Press quote. We have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election. He specifically shot down one of the president's most explosive claims. Voting machines were manipulated to help Joe Biden wind, saying simply, We haven't seen anything to substantiate that. This is a specially significant because bar has been among the president's most steadfast defenders. Shortly after the election, he authorized Justice Department lawyers. To go look for fraud, but they found nothing as ABC is Jonathan Karl and President elect Joe Biden. Promising help on the way is he introduced top members of his economic team today, including former Fed Chair Janet Yellen, his Treasury secretary. I'm Chad Bauer on K Away News Radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM. Is what clean glowing skin on the daily Meet New ST Ives face cleansers made with 100% natural watermelon, camel meal or d tree extracts..

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