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Hardball. The Mariners and Rays get busy at T -Mobile Park at 11 -10. 11 -1, Shane McClanahan throws for Tampa Bay. The M's countered with rookie Bryce Miller. Mariner minor league affiliates Rainiers and Aquasocks look for wins against Salt Lake and Eugene respectively. Seattle The Sounders have failed to score a goal in their last two soccer matches, a loss and a tie. Coach Brian Schmetzer's team working on finishing their chances. Can't get that one you know a little bit of quality just one thing to drop our way a little bit of luck a fortunate bounce. Tomorrow night the Sounders entertained the Houston Dynamo at Lumen Field. The Kraken reportedly have extended offers to restricted free agents Seattle players Vince Dunn, Cale Fleury, Will Borgen and Cole Lind. Sports with sports at and 10 40 and after the hour. Northwest News Radio Northwest News Time 6 11. Some major changes are coming to the nation's best -known contests as Publishers Clearing House agrees to a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. The company will change its business practices and refund millions to customers. Northwest News Radio's Annafactor spoke with consumer man Herb Weissbaum a contributing editor at checkbook .org. The Federal Trade Commission accused Publishers Clearing with House using a variety of deceptive practices to mislead people about how to enter its sweepstakes or to make them believe that a purchase was necessary to win or would increase their chances of winning. In settling the lawsuit, Publishers Clearing House did not admit doing anything wrong, but it did agree to make some changes to its online business practices. PCH will also refund $18 .5 million to customers. So much of this case had to the do with assertion that you could enter without making a purchase, not the contest itself. Is that right? Yes, the FTC never question the integrity of the contest, which has generated billions of dollars in sales since it started in 1987. The government alleges that Publishers Clearing House used tricky wording that led people to believe they must make purchase a to enter or that making a purchase would increase the chances of winning, neither of which is true. Publishers Clearing does House have disclaimers that say no purchase necessary, and the company insists people who visit its website know that. But the government says those no purchase necessary messages were in a small light font that could be easily overlooked. FTC Herb, the made other allegations about the company's business practices. Tell us about that. The government says Publishers Clearing House to failed disclose the true price of goods it was selling by hiding shipping and handling costs until well after the purchase was completed and it was too late to stop the shipment. These hidden fees, the FTC said, averaged more than 40 % of the product costs and promising no risk purchases from the PCH website without disclosing that the customer would be responsible to pay the return shipping costs on unwanted items. What changes has Publishers Clearing House agreed to make to settle this case? The company will be prohibited from implying that a purchase is required to enter sweepstakes a or that buying something will increase the chances of winning, and it will make clear, unavoidable disclosures on every shopping page that a purchase is not required to enter and will not help someone win that the company will be any responsible to pay the return shipping costs. without any sales messages. Publishers Clearing House will also disclose the full price of all items along with any additional fees for shipping and handling. before a customer commits to making that purchase and most important what about the 18 million dollars in refunds? How will people find out about that? Well, no idea of how or when that might happen. This agreement must still be approved by a court before the refund process is set That's consumer man Herb Weissbaum with Consumer's Checkbook. You can read more of Herb's story on their website Checkbook dot org. Northwest News Time 614. Let's get a check on your drive from the High Performance Homes Traffic Center in Kimmy Klein On the east side of Monroe we have power lines down across Highway 2 right now so No one's getting by at Fern Bluff Road. They are actually taking drivers off onto Fern Bluff Road for your eastbound detour. But if you're stuck in that backup from Old Owen Road, get off and use Old Owen Road. It's doing much much better. But it to does start clog up once you conduct to Highway 2 once again in Sultan. We had an earlier brush fire briefly in Seattle's district. user It already looks like it's out north on I -5 at Northeast 45th and that right lane may be reopened. South on I -5 is slow from Northgate into the city. Our backups across Lake Washington are starting to thin out. South on 405 is taking about 25 minutes, maybe even 20 now to get from Bellevue to Renton. That continues to improve, but Auburn is super busy today. State Route 164 is jammed up pretty much from Highway 18 all the way to the White River Amphitheater where there is a concert tonight. Eastbound 18 is also busy down the hill from Weyerhaeuser Way to the Auburn Way exit. Westbound 16 is slow from Jackson and and Tacoma across Senera's bridge towards Wallachia Drive where we had an earlier accident that cleared a couple hours ago, but traffic never really seemed to ease the area. That's actually down to 55 minutes now from Tacoma to Olympia on South N .I -5. So we're still seeing some scattered delays getting to JBLM the main gate and then more south of Hawkesbury leaving Marvin Road. Your next Northwest traffic at 8 -4. And checking your forecast sponsored by Northwest Crawl Space Services. Increasing clouds tonight. We're gonna have lows in the 50s and sunny this weekend. Highs in

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