Ten Thousand Years, Thousand Years, Two Degrees discussed on Glenn Beck


What's going on in the world right now is well within any long term natural very ability and if I tell you they keep saying well what we're going to get to degrees warmer and that's going to be the end of the world for the last ten thousand years it has been two degrees warmer than today for nine thousand of them. right so that's a. yeah well what do you do with climate you just. click to prove what you wanted to prove. good deal they're really really good at that yeah it's called cherry picking and and and of course there's this so what I'd just done it state give you the record temperature record over the last ten thousand years and it completely dispels what they're saying for the last thousand years when a minute why why I think what everybody is wondering right now is why do you hate polar bear so I mean they're on the ice shelf they're ready to die the poor little isis is about to flip over and they're going to drown yeah and the baby. polar bears are going on yeah that's even more heart wrenching what they won't drown in the reason the by the way I know your spent five years or search and rescue in the arctic song very familiar with polar bears but they've got two levels of of for they've got a very short for close to the skin which is an incredibly effective insulator to the point where I worked with scientists that were taking infrared photographs of polar bears and they don't show up on the photograph. really they don't give out any heat that's one sweat jacket that jacket that be great anyway yes that's a longer. hello so they float it floats. yeah I think this was a preemie well in fact I I I personally.

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