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I in fact i i would have killed a bicyclist had they gone by at the moment but you haven't no amount of money that the way they're spending it is going to solve the problem and you get forty three thousand people in night in los angeles or sleeping on the streets we're going to be talking about this next hour i'm glad you brought it up by thanks for speaking with us assemblywoman melissa melendez we appreciate it thanks guys from the inland empire lake elsinore area more coming up john and ken kfi news la county has its first case of west nile virus for the season the person affected lives in the san gabriel valley and was in the hospital a month ago riverside county confirmed to human cases of west nile yesterday one deputy has been killed another critically wounded after a shooting near the courthouse in downtown kansas city the officers were shot during a prisoner transfer shooter was also shot we may not be springing forward and falling back much longer the california state senate has passed a measure for the november ballot to repeal daylight saving time if it passes in november lawmakers would still have to jump through some hoops to make it into law your forecast and we'll check the sixty with the case if i am the sky next this hour is brought.

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