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Wake up Closer when you go outside up here to be like you get everything Could If you don't know until you end wards family says he'll appeal no data set for. Sentencing Bob Roberts NewsRadio on what I'll five. Point nine FM charges of neglect resulting in death were filed yesterday against an Indiana, man thirty four year, old Eric Patillo whose two sons a two year old enough four year old war pronounced dead after being pulled from the water unresponsive at the LaSalle fish and wildlife area near the state line in southern Lake, County Indiana on Tuesday Lake. County Indiana, prosecutor Bernard Carter, saying What we, found in Indiana And the tweet Lanes addicted each In time what we have charges against that, two year old Evan Patillo and four year old Levi Patillo, both of fair Indiana died in the incident in local. Politics mayoral candidate Paul Vallis is vowing to bring development you. Parts of, Chicago, he says mayor Emanuel has. Been ignoring challenger Paul, Vallas says mayor he'd, bring economic revitalization Chicago's long-neglected communities on the southwest and southeast sides downtown's getting all. The attention now but, recently in Brownsville, the mayor said a fun paid for by downtown developers is making investments in the struggling areas are challenge to make that central business district work for all parts. Of, the city Chicago, not some parts but Scott at that, first of all waiting to twenty sixteen to do the. It opportunity funds I think we should have elections every year because then we get. A quick, response you know everything. Becomes a, priority he says the city needs to use more, local business And higher from the neighborhoods with the help of better education and training. Among other, things at city hall. Craig Delamore, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM News, time three oh aid and now we have traffic and weather together on.

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