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To this ongoing story another reminder police are still asking you for your tips in this case if you recognize this man in the picture or the sketch contact law enforcement right away it is fivethirtyeight this week colts player edwin jackson was laid to rest in atlanta but today his family we'll be here in indianapolis for a vigil it will also be fort jackson's over driver jeffrey monroe now arniko griffin is live this morning with more details on this vigil nicole good morning lauren good morning to night's vigil is being put on by mothers against drunk driving the cold and over according to stats from mad just last year right here in our state more than two hundred people died ryan here on our roads because of a drunk driver mad puts on candlelight vigils ally this one that's happening tonight across the country to help support family members pulse player edwin jackson and his uber driver were both killed on i seventy by reported drunk driver earlier this month on that same day another over driver was also killed by a drunk driver in lawrence after a headon crash the visual will start at five thirty tonight at gyn creek middle school that's up of west fifty second straight match national president along with the quotes gm press ballard in the jiem of over will all be there to nine and as we mentioned members of edwin jackson's family will be here in indianapolis the community is also invited to come out as well as a poor everyone breathing right here in our community coming up in our six o'clock hour we will be live with a mother who is part of the man organization she also lost a family member because of a drunk driver reporting live nicole ref in our tv6 nicole thank you it is five thirty nine here in our.

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