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Hip hop now get. We'll get to that. We'll get but. I wanna talk but that makes us further do i'm going to bash lovers. Yes basketball i. Don't i think i mean he is just a i. Guess he'll she. Is bobby schneider with an eye so basketball we did not talk about the nba. Final release last episode. I think game one had does that. so yeah you talk about the nba finals. A little bit The milwaukee bucks went jaanus got his ring on his Made a lot of jokes. Here's the thing. And i was still make it hard to make them now because as they say at the time he made them feel made because they what they were what thinks highly said they were valid. They were valid because he did not do when he ended up doing in the finals. In like the brooklyn you don't do it. You don't do it until you do. He didn't do it. Janis hair hair hair all up again. Business sort of beaches. Yes so So what i'll say about yoenis you will send you were in the upper echelon real real now and i will say this monty williams and maybe it was a personnel. Maybe don't let the andrei eight Over in over an omen again. i'll also see that over and over. I mean with that. He's he's he's all you got Once let's talk has got hurt. That's got it was bad you can't put tank in. You can't look you gotta put somebody else. y'all johnny's yacht is that thing that off was asking the brooklyn suits can put in some. You can't his day you can't. You can't ask frank protectate. No you got to. Because if i need eight of the stuff you can't down here there's a reas- lonely as a reason why he get passed around like a slut. There's a real. Oh he will stick in the the toilet. it was swollen isn't it. you gotta help. Listen how they didn't have it. They didn't have any help or eight. And then like chris paul just got old in jato go house pretty much was what china. Theon gone dan when he was supposed to. Do you understand what. I thanked him to do in the brooklyn series. Because i didn't even think you've played a serious but less than game boy. And then you honest came in game because the me with an opposite ninety degree angle like he should not have been able to recover that fast but apparently mentor game and it took a while game three. I just wanna know why tonight. Otherwise i don't wanna know why janas about four years decide maybe just maybe i should abandoned like taking five reasons game may may. It wasn't even just that he wasn't ticket food that lot that they won gained slowly. Most oppressive blocks. It was not block. do that. Song also is wasn't it wasn't a game seven so does not do it was it wasn't it wasn't so basically winning. Here's what it was a spectacular block because why was a great way to play jaanus over commits a little bit Trying to stop the drive but ball goes up times it perfectly so blache nope. There's only like two people. I think that can do this like ever. That was super early on me. From work says had to prove that he can win without a little league competition on her. I mean yeah yeah. i don't hold. That against is like shout time. Things can be case to be mullets right. same time. Like he is recounts he wanted also real life happened and he he has to beat these guys so the truth. Yeah like i. I'm not i don't i don't wanna i don't wanna put it on jarvis. His ring matters but like he also played one and a half or kevin durant resident. He i mean i mean and this is did kevin durant thing like this. This was we talk about it but kevin durant did that thing when he's like. Hey actually the best basketball player. I don't know what i'm saying if you give you give k. d. a. a whole james harden the. Yes they did. Yes it is and again. That's the. I don't even think if you give them a whole game is now curtis. They west gas not a slight to him orange range but he's still won. What again again reality is that. He didn't beat the team. That was the team as far as a whole both. I don't think they the bucks nets. If the mets are healthy. I don't think about kale gnome Why know he got his. He gets to talk shit. He gets to britain largest. I just hope. I just hope that bobby reporter doesn't like regret not taking them much. Hey man he got. He wanted us. I was gonna lucky. Probably starts next. I think he started having got rid of so. Listen i hope. I hope so. You know team teams though small. I don't know the fbi in you probably start. Since he probably starts starts at center inaugural opening they love rookus Really lovable reasoning block them. Cher either one of those names really well but Moving on a little bit of we got Nba free agency and prayed lingers. Its own joel. What even though. I don't know he's on my list to is he got here. He has a whole separate laugh. Track for him is. it's our time. Nothing the clippers. This we're like you know what i mean. That's that's less funny to me than plugging do the petric. That's funny. That's high fucking larry's traded twice a couple of days. The nagai here quoting the. Why don't you want me speech. I prince So yeah those Those those he's a guy you wanna.

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