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Low to mid 80s. Mike Jennifer Dublin news. 43 in Georgetown 38 and buoy this morning's 39° in Leesburg and checking the conditions around here. We're at 42 and holding at our nation's capital. American political and legal history has made this overnight early morning more on that coming right up on WTO. There are great attorneys and law firms around the beltway, but explains Andrew Sachs, CEO of mallow private investment firm, it's rare to find one with actual business experience. He found that in Scott muse at showman Rogers. Scott's buried background having worked at the SEC also. He's one of the few lawyers that's extraordinarily well rounded and their knowledge and experience. We've had many conversations where I've said you are absolutely crazy. There's no way that I'm doing that. And that makes no sense. And he's like, well, that's how you have to do it because that's how the securities laws read, and then he gets me to where I need to be. And he's done that many, many, many times. I love what I do, because it is complicated and problem solving and bringing lots of different things together. But you need a great team and Scott's definitely a huge part of that team. Learn more about showman Rogers, business and financial services at showman Rogers dot com. This is WTO P news. Everything you need every time you listen. The WTO producer's desk is wired by IBW local 26. Where electrical contractors come to grow. No Brady warning last day of this month march 31st, 2023. Welcome to this early four EMR glad you're with us here at WTO. I'm dean lane. Daddy gellman is our producer among the top stories we're following for you as we roll into this early Friday together on WTO. CBS News special report the eyes of the nation are on Mar-a-Lago, Florida, where ex-president Donald Trump weighs his next move following his indictment by a New York City grand jury. This in connection with payments allegedly made just ahead of the 2016 election to an adult film performer. Maneuver against these are white collar criminal defense attorneys. For Trump, the smart thing from a legal perspective is to voluntarily surrender. And then that means he shows about a hundred center street and he gets processed. Trump attorney Joe tacopina tells CBS News, Trump's legal team expects him to surrender to authorities likely on Tuesday, following discussions with the Manhattan DA's office until late, Thursday night. As for the politics. There is close to a year before we even start the

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