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Get? They had another guy on staff. Someone that did Brian Floors had worked within New England England who Bell Jack fired in New England in. I think his name is Guglielmo. I can't ever say his last name. But how can that happen. I just my only response was this just S._M._H.. Like what the hell that makes no sense just feels very dolphins of course the Miami Dolphins fired their offensive line coach before August I about three days in a training camp. What what a joke I mean why? Why did you hire the guy in the first place? I didn't even look was he. Hold or whatever I just that can't happen that cannot happen. Dallas Zeke holding out in Mexico. My feelings are pretty well documented documented on this. I do not think Zeke's getting very good advice. You don't get to get in trouble and then dictate the terms I saw Jerry Jones said on a local news channel or something that listen you don't need a leading rusher to win a super bowl and that's just a fact so Zeke. He doesn't isn't need you one to just. How do you do that to someone who supported you to show up? He's going to take care of you. I think it's a massive slap in his face. I get it some business but it was a business when the cowboys signed him for all that guaranteed money when he was a rookie had never played a game. It was a business when Jerry went to war with ridell when he was getting suspended like Z.. Come on Man Carolina. They're trying to not limit McCaffrey's cutch touches but just be careful careful about not giving them too much which I would agree in theory but here's the problem. He's probably their best offensive player. At this point with Cam Newton coming off an injury. You need to give him between catches and rushing attempts. I would target them in the passing game probably one hundred and forty times. I'd like to get them over one hundred catches in the passing game. I'd I probably like to get them. You know in a sweet spot around nine hundred eleven hundred yards somewhere in there. I think you could argue his first thousand yard rusher thousand yard receiver in a long time this eight one do that last year maybe now I don't think he did but that's McCaffrey..

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