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Oh unified school board trustee brooke ashton announcing today that he will not seek reelection ashen became board president in two thousand sixteen two years after he first ran to represent the bullard high school area he was replaced by elizabeth roses back in december after intense criticism over comments he made about lgbtq former central unified superintendent mike berg among those already expressing interest in ashton seat president county sheriff's investigators identifying the kerman couple who died in a murder suicide earlier this week deputies arrived at a home on the eight hundred block of south third street monday morning after residents saw thirty two year old victor robles stabbing himself in the front yard he died on the way to the hospital they entered the home and found his estranged wife thirty two year old carla manzano dead the ag department vows to help farmers facing economic loss over trade with china came j egg director don york reports a top agriculture to barbara lee leaders says all options are on the table when it comes to finding relief from a trade war with china for farmers deputy secretary of agriculture steve sanski says those options include buying up commodities through the commodity credit corporation the comments by ski confirm agriculture secretary sunny produced comments last week that the usda has something in the works to shield farmers from a trade war but purdue has not announced any details to what that may be this report is sponsored by john deere water rivulets irrigation john york km news effort to provide college for foster care kids advancing at the capital km jay's aaron abadia reports gilo for news senate education committee unanimously approving legislation would waive tuition and fees for children who've been in foster care for at least a year measure other by modesto rebublican dumb burial would apply to the community colleges uc system's studies found that foster care children are less likely to graduate from college if they've.

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