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Today a nice day on tap sunny skies a high of fifty five degrees could see a couple of showers later on today that a move into this evening with a low of thirty nine and thursday raid early than a period of some wet snow blustery a high of forty no snow friday sunny and a high of forty two right now fifty one at o'hare fifty to admit way 53 along the lakefront next news update will be ten o'clock get chicago news first at the top of every hour i'm andrea derlis censure calls very own seven twenty wgn the but the nine forty two on the old days i would have been better i would have been disillusion but that's before i got to know rokon and in ohio delightful rokon as we spent a lot of weekends together now roane i do yes we do not hang out some touting weather watch ed nicholas sparks movies together and have it on awry rowell said between my knees and i'll brushes hair out you know everything and tell him he really is pretty i don't care what the other girls say it's a normal i would have been better but when i heard your promo this morning that you have jia pritzker on today i'm grads great yeah his don't be when he returned are foco as well i don't know how this has happened because he he he's been very very am delivered abide not doing a lot of local press like none it yeah and we but but we ask every day wrought are those of one of those kinds shows jeff in our producer is every day he's call i because i am nuts i make him nuts so i i make him call these guys every day and ask if they if they'll come on affleck come out the come on and they do finally i warm down i think this is just a basically a if throwing their arms up and saying okay gotta do it you know the i don't know if you know this steve but were within three weeks now of the end of all of these commercials on television yeah which also is known as the primary rights exactly but it depends on your goals where we wish them yesterday were pushing hard on the show to make america vote again and it's the mava make america vote again and uh we had we had 19 percent statewide turn.

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