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Atlanta land and the artist also had that same kind of hollywood nuance reference referencing in this elisa on giles actually live in apartments like above an old cinema and both the noise of the films that play twenty four seven underneath the metric lap also what they're doing it bleeds down in it you get the sense there isn't a statement successively where allies a house like a cinematic daydream say today it the reality does like blur the edges of it you're like watching a film that we're gonna film in with some of my favorite bits actually i really my favorite scene is to see what he's side the kitchen dining room table with hud she saw one end and he's at the upa and he's just like gulping down these eggs that she's foil to him because he likes boiled eggs that always kind of framed a sexual these eggs from the beginning just because we kind of like see see that she masturbate in the time it takes to cook her eggs in the morning and stuff but as he's just like channeling down on these eggs like ready really like into the eggs only so of thinking about the eggs she singing this like song to have about how much she loves him and how he'll never know and she can't speak so it's obviously a fantastical segment on it's like an unimagined segment or not you say kind of bleeds into the the fantasy of a of a movie but it's i think it just says something so nice and almost obscene about.

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