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The it grew from that others took it up as well a bin that's right the man who oversaw the airlift and transformed it into an arrow remarkable uh operation to keep out west berlin uh uh alive for far longer than anybody thought possible um uh was um uh a general name william tunner uh who is a logistics expert uh and the truman administration was very worried um in august of 19 48 that they would not be able to sustain uh the air lift um uh beyond the fall when the weather would get cold and it was time there who really revolutionized it um and there were these were remarkable uh airmen like the candy bomber who um uh uh made west berliners um uh so convinced um that uh uh the united states was um uh behind their in chris and even when the the soviets uh tried to convince west berliners that they would provide for them um if only they would dumb a band in the united reliance on the united states uh nobody would sign up for rations in uh in east berlin uh they were were very elegantly against what the soviets where do we to mark tries to these washington good evening good evening thanks jim um my question was regarding the.

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