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A word on it. Our term on it. And someone else would have to try to get him to guess what that was without actually using that phrase with tons of game shows that have been based around that concept. But in any event, the phrase was triple double. That was what he had to guess. And the host throughout said Russell Westbrook gets lots of these in Jeremy sohan without skipping a beat, said bricks. And of course, that made its way around social media. They later got the right answer. He even had to respond on Twitter and then try to explain that he wasn't trying to take a shot at Russell Westbrook or anything. But in that moment, just a quick blurted out reaction to what does Russell Westbrook get a lot of the answer was bricks from Jeremy sohan. Now, I know Lakers fans, Lakers nation, there's not a good relationship between Lakers fans and Russell Westbrook right now. There's a lot of negativity about Russell Westbrook, probably to the point where frankly we probably go a little bit too far, right? He's probably a better player than we give Russ credit for in general. As a Lakers community, he doesn't have that equity built up with Lakers. You see a lot of thunder fans who are upset at Russ's treatment in Los Angeles, but lakefront, we didn't see we didn't see the good years of Russell Westbrook. We saw last season. And last season was the worst season of Lakers history and Russ was bad. Ross was bad in it. Don't come at me with the counting stats that he put out the 1887 and 8 or whatever it was. Russ was bad. Last season, if you watched the games, if you suffered through them, like we all did. You know, Russell Westbrook was not good last season. There's plenty of blooper reels out there showing you just how bad he actually was. But I still think there's a better basketball player in there than a lot of people give him credit for.

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