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And I thought to myself, you know, it's so easy for me to say that, but I'm not a Commissioner ask Roger Goodell. The hardest thing he's dealt with. It's not going to networks and asking for billions. They all line up. That's easy. It's not glad handing craft at no. Where is Roger Goodell struggled punishment, deflate gate, domestic violence. That's good. Dell is uneven people feel 'em? Mm misguided? Adam silver yesterday, got a lot of heat for this because Adam silver didn't kick him out of the ownership group. And I think Adam silver's, as smart as progressive as forward thinking as everybody has also been a great pro player Commissioner. So at him silver did what I proposed swift intense punishment, not, as far as I would have gone. But you know what I think would Adam silver, I think, like a parent he had a lot of stuff to think about how does it land with other owners how land in eight years? We did that thing to the fan in Utah. But this is an owner who I'm not saying no to I would be ejecting from an ownership club. That's the most noteworthy in the league, currently Adam silver talked about his decision, and I've watched Goodell, who I think's a great Commissioner struggle with punishment and I watched Adam silver yesterday, and I could sense. How uncomfortable he was. It's not a science in terms of decisions. Ultimately, we felt that even contrite. Mr Stevens wise the fact that he was extraordinarily apologetic. The fact that he had no blemishes on these. Prior involvement with the NBA. I that a one year ban seemed appropriate together The finding. finding. And not only is punishment hard. If gotten way more difficult with social media. I mean yesterday I lead my show with it. It's one of the most downloaded things I've ever done with an hour, everybody had an opinion. Some are qualified opinions summer connected opinions. Some are just opinions social media has made being a Commissioner and dealing with punishment. Exceptionally hard here comes the avalanche, but a Commissioner I was very emotional on the air yesterday. And I still think I would throw them out of the ownership circle. But commissioners are not allowed to be emotional. They have to act swiftly without emotion, and I can tell you having done this job for thirty years to act without emotion. In the moment is almost impossible for me, five days later nine days later, twelve days later, but Adam silver had to make a decision quickly. Why? Because it's in the middle of the finals, if this was Tuesday, Denver January can take. Two weeks on it. The finals are now eighteen percent. The last thing he's going to do is let this puppy drag out for nine days. Steal every headline and ding the championship. Good god..

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