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Here in the capital. I'm told also to keep an eye out for sully the service dog President Bush a chance he could show up today. Other close aides also expected to come up, and this is all leading up to the service in Washington tomorrow at the National Cathedral Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says China is making a commitment to purchase an additional one point two trillion dollars worth of US exports in the coming years. He says if that is real it will be enough to close America's huge trade deficit with China. Newton says that China has made a very big commitment for increased purchases of agricultural products. Liquefied natural gas industrial products and cars the special counsel in the Russia investigation is set to give the first public insight into how much information president Donald Trump's former national security adviser shared with prosecutors. Robert Muller's team is facing a court deadline midnight tonight to file a memorandum recommending a sentence for retired US army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn Flynn pleaded guilty last year to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia in the weeks before President Trump took office the National Hockey League is expanding to Seattle. Here's TJ Katini with more the NHL board of governors unanimously approved adding Seattle is the league's thirty second franchise play will begin in twenty twenty one to allow enough time for arena renovations. The as yet unnamed franchise will be ruled cities first major winter sports teams since the NBA SuperSonics left town in two thousand eight in early indicate. Nations are the fans will show up after season ticket drive drummed up ten thousand orders in just twelve minutes. I'm TJ Cudicini. A new Bill introduced in the California legislature could make the state the first in the nation to ban for. Assembly Bill, forty four would not only ban the sale in manufacturer for the state, but also donating trading or even displaying for would be outlawed for all four products. The bill's author assembly member lower Friedman alleges widespread inhumane practices toward animals in the for industry as the basis for the Bill industry trade group. The for information council of America denies cruelty claims and says for is nearly a forty billion dollar a year industry worldwide employing more than a million people group spokesman keep Kaplan says five hundred designer collections include for.

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