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On the cage you'll live line is david miller david miller is the former dj from k y geo radio in nut in denver who was a key used of uh of sexually assaulting taylor swift they were in court this of the causes tasr week uh she sued her four i guess designation 'fruit for saying that he did this he says he didn't then you've got fired and does she sued unocal assume for dollar for sexual assault and then let this leak i guess her but i guess was monday that the jury came in and they cited with taylor slipped so we'll do one more segment if you have any questions or any comments from mr mueller respectful questions eight zero eight zero eight one zero is tough on the razor late surly 10 i'm brian copeland this is conceal since razek from the tilton autobody traffic desk one accident appears to be outside of cell they'll westbound won 16 just west of 121 some hot hall were there could slow you down this afternoon it's afforded that this needs to happen eastbound twenty four right inside at the left four of them caldecott tunnel say maybe down a lane there and fire reported four berkeley less ad alongside of university avenue traffic is slow from golden gate fields and then remains heavy beyond ed down into the maze getting at a san francisco year down to just pour lanes on the lower deck and that's why traffic backed up onto northbound one one from says chavez getting out to the east down baybridge fire stone complete auto care brings you traffic right now at firestone complete auto care.

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