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Vance, Honda, Yves Jeffcoat discussed on Sean Hannity


Every week I'm bringing you three stories from our team about the weird and wonderful Vance's we've seen in science technology and culture this week a college kid turned a standard Honda civic into a self driving vehicle for seven hundred Bucks and unrelated even in adults is now a diagnosable disorder the first staff editor Yves Jeffcoat and our freelance writer Dave Roos explore topical political question who does the United States secret service protection and why for how long and at what cost between January in the end of February Donald Trump junior and his brother Eric visit Uruguay the Dominican Republic do you buy in Canada to celebrate the opening of new trump branded hotels and golf courses and to check on other trump organization projects and potential investments secret service offices throughout the brothers on these trips with US taxpayers covering the bodyguards airfare hotel rooms and meals the secret service won't release his travel expenses but the hotel tab and apply alone was estimated at nearly one hundred thousand dollars according to The Washington Post according to federal law the secret service is authorized to protect the sitting U. S. president.

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