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Teachers would like for this truck to come to an end soon but they are preparing for continued impasse by taking civil disobedience training later today there are likely to ratchet up the pressure on city hall Chicago police are investigating a deadly home invasion on the city's west side it happened at about ten o'clock last night at the corner near the corner of the Vernon Chicago police say the suspect broke into a home through a window the homeowner confronted him they got into a fight the suspect suffered several injuries and died later at the hospital homeowners also hospitalized with bite injuries and cuts he was also taste by the suspect the current and former she three current and former Chicago police officers will be in court today hoping for the expungement of all charges related to the look Kwan McDonald case here's WGN's Pam Jones earlier this year a cook county judge found former detective David March former officer Joe Walsh and current officer Thomas Gaffney not guilty of lying on police reports and trying to cover up for former officer Jason Van **** the judge said at the time that the prosecutor's case was weak and full of speculation WGN news hi Justin Virginia say they've taught racks to drive a tiny car they designed the car by putting a clear plastic food container on the wheel they wanted to see if the animal could master such a task and it worked they say seventeen rats drove in as specified area and remember word with food researchers hope this will eventually replace current maze test to study brain conditions like Parkinson's disease and now with WGN neighborhood news here's Kim Gordon the third annual pumpkin party is back tonight Gallagher way next to Wrigley Field this year the old town school of folk music will lead a few dances and sing alongs the kids can create a clay how the wing character or their own trick or treat bag there's also a bunch of candy stations including Fannie Mae chaplaincy Garrett popcorn green city market will provide a caramel apple station and take on junior pumpkins I'm Kim Gordon the neighborhood news brought to you by winter I. Chicago's community bank now with WGN sports Davida Washington nationals two wins away from a World Series championship the nats and Astros tied to two in the seventh on Washington chase Justin Berliner first with Kurt Suzuki's Homer then after Riverland or laugh they piled.

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