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Start streak. Listen Hell when I'm running you could have bother me. Get me differently back to stop over. Driving by if. For You Yeah It was great talking to you Hella. Lot of fun you know or having so much. I want to say that it goes both ways. Your energy is I really appreciated you guys are kind people all three of you out. We got Willie as Sparta, the the whole thing. So thank you guys for always thinking of me and having me be part of this. So exciting to share my passion journey with you guys. Thanks. Talk. Tonight. Christine there you go. We just wrapped up season one I remember because. Special Shoutout. The Hillis debate forgiven us the run tips but Christina, was middle. Right We got to meet a lot of people. From all over the country got to learn about people why they ran why they still run. Things Fire they definitely. Heard. A historian. They didn't inspire you enough to finish your cross stitch that I know. Yeah, that's the one topic season two seasons, not season tour the. crusted well, listen everyone. Thanks, so much for listening Christine and I, it was an absolute pleasure sharing the experiences with you. Please stay subscribe stay tuned for Season Two. So many great people that we met this season Rebecca any. I'm trying to think of some of the. Jekyll Joe Terry and John Sterling from Vegas Alan. Rothenberg. Perrin with so many people throughout the season everyone's story inspired US motivated us. But if you like season one, please stay tuned because her standard I think we have some more in the tank we're excited to the do season to what do you think? You're in. All right. There you go. Folks against a tune stay subscribed and take care we'll talk to you soon as. Happy. Run. streaks. Alive..

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