White House, Carle Raul Neto, Georgetown University discussed on Rush Limbaugh


The white house is running so so i was and believe me with the in the heralded one big u mass president trump it as raul a southern i've pushing back on report says white house says and does a right and a strong offer our sunday grow strategist carle raul neto a life eighty of georgetown university is instituted politics and public service charles line of the washington post and kimberly straw sold from the wall street journal so carle which better describes donald trump's first month in office chaos or a fine tune machine i would lean more to force a former the latter but let's give him credit on substance off to a strong start of cam it's it's true that to me impressive moving ahead with some regulatory changes to obama care republicans on the hill beginning to wrangle over one legislation repeal attacks reform again wrangling move in it for him walk a off well because the process we saw that in the immigration executive order did they don't have a process in place that is collaborative that going all that puts cabinet serve curious would disagreements over white house policy in front of the president to make their argument they were rushed they they did it by using was congressional staffers who didn't tell their bosses in as results are going to have to have a really do but you know that's that we got to give credit he's he's he's move look for a lot of ways spectacle boy off the charts.

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