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Very much indeed nail it's Newsday on the BBC World Service just gone half six in the morning here in London Ben James Lawrence Pollard Vicky today thank spent on the way more on the south Sudanese Peacedale in just a, moment we're. Also talking about one of Diaz sees major players for the opposition, boys tambi will he be allowed to run for president as a few days to lodge his. Application we'll be talking about symboblic post-election and the digging for minerals can travesty in Senegal all that plus Mike with the sport Let's talk about the exiled Congolese opposition, leader Moe's catoon but he's. Still not. Been. Able to return home in order to register as a presidential. Candidate he's been trying. To cross into the Democratic Republic of Congo from Zambia by road if you. Remember he's a former governor of Katanga province. He fell out with President Joseph Kabila in twenty fifteen and after fleeing the country, was sentenced in obscenity to. Three years in jail for property fraud a charge he denies the information minister has said Mr.. Catoon, be, would, be, arrested if. He entered the country all report at Kennedy Gondwe caught up with MAURICE catoon bee. Insomnia I knew all the chargers which they gave me in Congo those was bogus charges if you can remember the Bishop went to investigate and there was nothing anyway the? Two remembered for Mr. scared about me he knows how windy action because when I was governor at the very good record Congo. Is your country you want to run. In that election but you cannot, be allowed. Back out can you refuse a fidgety to go back, in this country and to face because they have seen there is no case is just and. The fear of Mr Kabila to make me not to run in my country going. To use our, constitution to stand I'm not going to. Surrender led to the people. Of Congo choose Mr Kabila is not a man of peace is thinking maybe one day all these things is doing for, country I. Think is going to catch him but in. Order for you to use the constitution you need to go back to your, country and yet you cannot. Be allowed. Back. Since he's refusing for me to stand my lawyer our king. Go this one today. They allow this month to decide the future of Congo they're totally wrong because. They are going to be people in exile. We need busy pool in, this idea rejoin today cuts Congo five point seven million People in refugee in their only countries. Where people are very poor everyday life of Congo is going down because of? One man you talk about choosing the Saudi creep John on the international community but practically speaking you've only got up to Wednesday to filing your nomination if enough that Wednesday I'm. Not going to surrender one of the candidates that has vowed in his. Nomination is young Pierre Bemba and matters we're talking about Kavila here this competitor that may give you problems, when it comes to elections how'd you. Hope to do with the other competitors in the, election should you be allowed to stand champion. By is not a competitors you're both we know position so are going to get together, to see the good read called, achievement if it's junkier rainbow Jean-Pierre Bemba if he's myself is going to leave to me if he's a fake certificates if. He's anyone what is important for us. Is to of the change of, power pieces Everyone must participate not forgotten that to point fingers Somewhat to. Say these one can't run on my dead body? Why was born in Congo grown up in Congo so we don't have to go. And create the, problem where there is no problem Gabriella is not a man of. Peace we don't want to go back to oh. We need a new? Congo which is going to bring. Back the piece which is. Going to bring back prosperity on the, life of Congolese people one. Possibility that exists is. To might be cute is it truly with you're going, through all these matters you want to be president you've been. If you kill catoon be you're not. Kidding all day two million Congolese people this Monica, Vila, is not only having, problem with, me so I'm not surprised if I get kid is having problem we've even we've deaf people is scared even about the jump here Bemba arrive four days outgoing king. Chesa. Refused version Pierre win. But to win sleep in his house because the house, is NIA is there is, almost a two kilometre between the, houses slept on a chair in its small. Office really this is not politics what next for? Your country there next to our country we need free and fair and they include Election for? Congo to stand we need everyone. To participate to resolve this. Problem in the future is going to, be a big problem the thoughts of mo- east. Catoon be the Congolese opposition leader still in Zambia which, is why Kennedy gone away our reporter that could catch up. With him threatened to lots of political. Drama going on isn't that we talking south Sudan, we, hope in this half, hour as, well and also Zimbabwe the state of play after the election results this is Newsday it's twenty two minutes to the hour we're gonna talk rhino poaching now in a. New. Weapon specially trained dogs. All the way from America a pack of ten American, trained dogs has recently arrived, in South Africa To track and detain. Poaching suspects in the Kruger National. Park Kevin Fisher sold them in action Oh ferocious sounding, cage dogs wait to be released.

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