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The run game is not working quite as well but i. I think this is going to be a great game. It's definitely one of the must see tv games. And i kind of wish. It was at four o'clock at least got four. Four o'clock games this week. But i'm definitely gonna be tuned in for this rematch from last season. Yeah so the so there we go. I mean two good ones and and by the way that Box rams game. That's monday night football sunday night. Football we have It were teed up for for for bus gate. The return escape of bus gate I think that the chiefs are poised to beat the daylights out of the raiders. We have a whole bunch of games. That i just want to run through real quick but before we move on. I wanna tell all my gambling gurus out there. All you wagering wizards. There is a brand new podcast. That just came out on the wringer network called gamblers. Yes gamblers it's an anthology show with six episodes. Each one goes behind the scenes of the life of six different professional underground gamblers and how they became the best at their game. The show covers horse racing high stakes gin rummy pool hustling shifting lines. Pot limit omaha and hole carding a dealer. It's hosted by the fantastic writer and gambling with dave hill. Who's been writing great stories from the rigor and grantland for a long time. Checkout gamblers the first two episodes or outright now on spotify. Tonight i'll be eating a gigantic turkey sandwich on wheat with swiss lettuce tomato mayonnaise. I'm gonna keep it simple. I'm get some chips on the side and you know i'm getting a turkey sandwich because gonna eat so healthy..

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