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Status say again. Here's the problem i have with that. You know it's okay. They're they're private business. They're actually Warren buffett everyone knows warren buffet and berkshire. We'll guy on him. Geico is basically owned by that. And that's that's warren buffett's cash cow has geico. That's where he gets a lot of his money to invest. What i'm saying is if you are gyco insured or you get hit by a gyco customer and gyco tells you that some people think say they have to go there now. Gyco will say we never say that. Well that's what you were. Well the but that's what they in for all. I'm telling you is no that that's shop has agreed to gyco that they will only do that first estimate and they have to do it within two hours which sounds really great but today's cars are so complex. That is absolutely not possible. If you go to geico shop and you should ask that question do you get a supplement this if you find additional damage. Look them in the eye when you ask that because they can't and if there is additional damage which for the love of god the chances of there not being additional damage as that repair progresses through the process the chances of there not being additional damage is so slammed as ridiculous. And then you have to ask yourself. Is the shop going to foot the bill. I'll tell you they can't afford to and they know that you're not gonna know that whether or not that was fixed properly or did that rail get replaced that floor piece get replaced or did they just glue it back together. Because you can't see it. I'm gonna tell you that's a huge possibility and as you can see. I'm getting a little route riled up because you have a choice. These insurance company programs that they say oh. We'll go to our shop. It's going to be great. They're not there for you. Therefore they're they're there for the insurance company and geico just rose to the list of mine of the most despicable practice on the planet to take. I would even go so far as to say trillion dollar business and go to a body shop that so desperate for work that they say you have to get it. The first time in anything else is on your nickel who would sign up for. That does make sense. Did i was. I clear word to me because i'm pretty little back. Knowledge around body again just realized guys. I had rattle. You have the right to go to any shop you choose. That insurance company is mandated to pay a fair price. No one's asking for more than if guy on the top of my list of despicable practices and that is despicable and it. It should not be tolerated so with that said. If you're a gyco shirt you get hit by a guy who insured you. Better darn well. No that shot. You'd better go to a shop. That's going to take your consideration saucer. Whoever someone else is just wrong. It's big business so we are going to run out. We're going to check on some news and weather Appreciate you'll give me the time to rant on that one but We're gonna come back on some other things. You are listening to noko now and thirteen. Ten cave came back in a flash here mornings.

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