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I did a two minute episode and that was never not episode but like a 2-minute recording and that was never transcribed. YouTube is scary accurate though. I YouTube understood product. It didn't it mistake tit as a product on and swell, but understood it more times the product episode had 31 errors. So how to get the transcript and one of the problems is that there's so many extra steps and getting the transcript from YouTube. You have to take it from YouTube and put down to service and then that service will download it. It's a little thing let me go over right now. So you have your video and then you have to wait your twelve hours and you've got a Channel videos. You got a details more options subtitles. It'll say like English or Spanish or whatever language wage using then there's three dots you click on those three dots and something will pop up then you'll want to click on edit and classic Mode classic Studio. You want to go to Asia actions download as an SRT. Then you take it to another service and then you convert the SRT to a txt. You fix the errors and you put it somewhere else outside with us somewhere else off another part of this episode the problems. It's free, but you're dependent on Google like look the the 2-minute video was never transcribed so that but it was transcribed for Otter. So yeah, I would be waiting all this time. I did wait all this time I waited days and my video was never transcribed. So that sucks another problems. It'll take hours. You know, the otter service may have a lot of errors but I bought it it it's less time to fix the errors when you're when you have to wait twelve hours for the proud of error for the YouTube transcript off. Okay. So now there's the human element paying someone else to transcribe your episode. So I use the service right and they have a free trial and I did it for a 2-minute the 2-minute video or episode and then I did for the product on episode and they said that they would do the first five minutes and I did this at different times. So did the two minute episode first and then like 30 days later. I did the product on episode. I never got that. I never got the transcript from them. So I can't evaluate how how what was like compared to the other three, but here's the information I can give you. Okay, it's priced by time. And delivery time. So if you have a thirty-minute episode they're going to charge you for the 30 minutes and when you want the transcript, so this service I was using eighty-five cents a minute for the 5-day delivery $1 for a three-day delivery off a dollar twenty four or a one day delivery..

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