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Don't a little bit of everything. I have portola. Caesar welcome to the podcast. Hey nice to meet you. Nice to meet you as well. So yeah i through all of those out there. Because it's you're doing a lot. So i'm gonna let you really dive into a little bit more than i do. Justice describe your work and We'll start off with describe your we're going to have my part to that question or that invitation. Okay sure Describe my work so originally when all of my work started i was a writer so you would ask me to define what i do in one word i would say i'm a storyteller but over the years i've found different mediums dip in ways to tell those stories i started telling them as a writer of very of traditional storytelling Storytelling eventually led into erotic fiction and poetry. That sort of led me to doing that. Storytelling on stage. So for a period of time. I was doing erotic poetry onstage with the band and kind of doing a whole production. Doing a little bit of touring. I eventually recorded some of that work. Also my storytelling eventually kind of spilled over into the actual work. Which is kind of how. I ended up doing what i do most of the time. Now which is event production Live music live performance on stage. But even in doing all of those things ultimately what i do is i tell stories in lots of different ways that that's great. I like hearing it and is able to really. You're you're you're you're telling stories which using various mediums to do a dust the kind of multi hyphenated struggle having right there so so so being someone. That's wearing multiple hats because there is a back of the stage kinda component to some of the work. That you're doing what is your i love. Is it just by calling it the being storyteller being a writer or do you prefer to have that one thing or do you prefer at one title and kind of expanding from that or do you prefer to be more multi hyphenated in that regard i have come to enjoy being multi hyphenated for a long time i primarily considered myself a writer and there are some days when that really is what i focuses is on writing traditional end an apache and i'm writing stories creating characters and stuff like that but i am really also starting to embrace the multi hyphen it. I feel like calling myself. A storyteller really is the best and most accurate way to encompass my world at this point. A lot of it's still is writing but there's also music and live performance and getting into the lab performance aspect. I actually get the partner with a lot of other creators. and storytellers and we despite different ways to tell our shared stories so whether i'm creating A live musical performance. Or whether i'm writing a story. Or whether i'm.

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