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The time is now 23 minutes past state it's morning edition on kqed i'm brian watt labor unions are gaining traction in silicon valley over the law last three years 5000 contract workers for big tech companies like apple twitter cisco and most recently facebook have organized with hopes of boosting salary in benefit negotiating power is it working and what can the union really do for a service worker living in one of the most expensive places in the country he acuity senior silicon valley reporter tanya moseley is exploring these questions in she joins us with more tania five thousand workers have joined the union in just a few short years this seems to signify a groundswell of support for what's driving this a few years ago back in 2015 shuttle drivers for several area tech companies like apple joined the teamsters union and they were very vocal they use traditional organizing tactics for example they were very vocal about their wages and about working conditions and benefits and this effort seemed to be a tipping point and since then silicon valley rising that's a coalition of unions in and civil rights groups they've been instrumental in organising janitors security guards in cafeteria workers more recently who are employed by outside companies to do service work for big tech companies like apple and facebook so it was after the facebook cafeteria workers organized that you became interested in asking this question about how effective give all of this organisation in silicon valley is what have you found are there benefits that workers are actually seeing if you look back on.

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