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And our movie mogul is John Moawad honor disc instituting, Pittsburgh, Newsline. John big week for you, buddy. Bigly. Oscar week. All right. So let's do the best actress nominees and help me out with the the woman from Roma is it Ulitsa. Yes. Up Perico apparition CEO CEO. I was in the neighborhood. I got Glenn Close in the wife. Olivia Colman in the favorite lady Gaga in a star is born and Melissa McCarthy way out of her type in can you ever? Forgive me, actually, saw that movie very serious role for a true story too. Yeah. Israel. Absolutely. So what we have here. Guys are the best actress category kademi awards, and it's so interesting because we have for you. We have it's over the poor Glenn Close who has been nominated seven times Bernas Renault wings, but is terribly regarded as the best actress is out there to have Lewitt's McCarthy. Here's here's comedic actress who's a sequel actress playing against type as you mentioned John in a role. That's very serious with a great character. Arc nailed it. We have lady Gaga who was known as dishing performer former burlesque star who's now taking over the role in the icon. Almost iconic role in a star is born in Nells that there's. Lydia Coleman who? She versatile this English actress that in the last two years he's played the Queen Elizabeth in the crown as well as a character on Thomas the tank engine. She can do it. Also, you have always great personalities, and then you throw in Ulitsa in the Mets this never acted before. She was a preschool teacher waiting six to eight months for her her permits to come through. So that she could teach. She takes over for her. Kriton rolling Roma in just knocked out of the parts of it is really an incredible category. We've got access is all over the place. I look for Glenn Close. And this one is then partly because all the nominations before. Do you think? That can't the breadth of work does play a role in in her in her role as to why summer, Kansas. A wife powerful and children's. They're rated it. A lot of the talk around town is that per narration. Even so good that that might be that extra. Bit pushes are over the top. Let's flip to the best actor category of Christian bale as Dick Cheney and vice Bradley Cooper in a star is born William Defoe at attorneys gate. Yeah. Eternity or turn it. What did I say attorneys? Make a case for that. And it's is it ramming Malik or Remmy, Renae, Matt. Yeah. Bohemian rhapsody and Viggo Mortensen Mortenson in green book so about these guys. Yeah. What an incredible category Christian bale nominated for vice like you said. Now he's been nominated for four. So you've got these people are just incredible for kademi nominations. He won one for the fighter years ago. And we know this I can just really play it all of your Murchison self and his role changing himself literally on the screen. It's incredible. You have Bradley Cooper who had actually nominated for four kademi awards as well kind of known as this sort of a star. But now over the past few years, the director producer. Multi-talented considered one of the best at his roles in the business right now. So that's incredible. You have Romney now, this is I for bohemian rhapsody. But man, did he transformed? On the screen. It really amazing. And then you have ego Mortenson now Vigo he's been like a character actor all these years, but what he's kinda slow is speaking off this third category domination. For green book. What if I mean if you guys so green book what a what a great role he played? It's even last year and was a captain fantastic. He was nominated for that will so good. I mean, this guy is so good. But let's take a look at will. Born William Defoe like you mentioned Larry nickname in high school Willem. So he goes by Willem to sell an attorney is the story of Vincent Van Gogh. And the way they stretch that character. What's he put out on the screen? I'm kind of looking for Willem Dafoe other take home the Oscar this tomorrow, it'll be the best picture category, which on Milwaukee on movies on our disc institute of Pittsburgh news line, John. Thank you. Thanks, guys. So who you gonna pick? You didn't ask you for best.

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