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Four hour news center we'll get to the latest developments in the corona virus crisis but first bizarre new details behind a shooting outside of Decatur gas station this morning the G. B. I. is investigating after a suspect is left in critical condition after trouble at a Cutie station into cab county G. B. I. spokeswoman Nelly miles tells me how it all began with a cap Gemini police officer that was parked at the QuikTrip indicator Oct north Decatur road and an employee informed that on there that a male subject was outside of that but quick trip with his pants down miles since the officer told the man who had his pants down to leave that's when he pulled out a knife moved toward the officer the dekalb officer shot him suspect again hospitalized in critical condition the officer was not hurt eighty five degrees on Peachtree street Atlanta is most accurate and dependable forecast is coming up the top man at the American health care association is describing what it'll take to reopen nursing homes we need to keep cobra down in the communities of the nursing homes are in if you're in a nursing home within a community that has very little code but there's not that huge risk of it getting into the building's association president and CEO mark Parkinson tells fox news Sunday issue number two is adequate testing where is the ideal scenario is having testing on site Parkinson says he knows it's been very difficult for families to be apart as many nursing homes are not allowing outside visitors top local news every thirty minutes and when it breaks ninety five point five W. S. B. depend on it new numbers in from Georgia health officials.

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