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With now the latest news weather and turning from the gallery furniture made in America Studios. New developments and at Cypress murder case for over the weekend. I'm Cory Olson. It's five o'clock news radio 7 40 K t R H traffic and weather together. Here's Katie London Ways to love us outside Accident Taking the North Ana to 88 at South Maura, Couple of those left lanes flogged for vehicles reportedly involved in this that is causing a little five minute backup right now from Aggregor. We did have a North always found actually guessed there. They just clear that certain and wine for Fallbrook. And on the hearty toll road at north after ranking stabled over on that right shoulder city, London and the Gulf Coast windows dot com 24 African crack centre Lots of heat coming up for Wednesday just a stray storm or two here in Houston. Kind of ironic all the big reigns over across the central Gulf Coast, the northeastern Gulf with Hurricane Sally. Is drifting north towards mobile Bay or just west of Mobile Bay with landfall late Wednesday. 77 are low tonight partly cloudy tomorrow just in isolated storm 93, then an isolated from Thursday 88. I'm meteorologist Scott Larrimore. The weather Channel 90 Now under partly cloudy skies at the rage. Keep cool with Ares 24 hour Weather Center H news time. 501 are Tom Story, an 18 year old woman expected to be released from custody, although she's still accused in the fail shooting of one with cerebral palsy and Cyprus over the weekend. Harris County Judge today ruled that there is not probable cause to place IMA Pressler at the scene of Sierra Rod's death. More witnesses in the neighborhood.

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