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Check is on the way with gamble and fin for the moment there. Let's turn back the clock. Go with me back. Ten years ago tonight to Us Bank arena the completion of an improbable. Run A journey to to hoist the Kelly Cup. The cyclones in front of thirteen thousand four hundred eighty three captured the Kelly Cup. They're second in three years. The run started as the number five seed. They were down three in the conference finals. And all of it wrapped up ten years ago tonight and it satellite like this Mike Hamilton Drops Down Early Cup Championship in two thousand. What it improbable. Caesar as the cycles wind up knocking off South Carolina the route but offending Kelly Cup champions the second round this scrap shelby. American regular season champion. Charlotte checkers three. They come from three. Nothing coils to advance to this route against the Brabham Cup champions the Idaho steelheads the cycle. Don't have to go the full. Like of the series. They take care of it here in five games tonight. Your final score to listen to the crowd that night man. I get chills here in that. Let's welcome in the man behind the MIC. Who witnessed that run? He was the radio play by play voice. He was the media relations director. He did it all for the Cincinnati. Cyclones that would be John. Hamill doing well. Thanks for having me you got it. Has you hear that? And you think back. GimMe Gimme the emotions of just a spectacular run what what stands out about that team. That run to you. You know the things that jumped out to me. There were three things I thought if I was the resiliency of the team. Six Times in the postseason lance it was winter. Go home and And they punched him in the mouth. Six Times You don't eat titans in the playoffs. They had come from behind. Wins and four times with multiple goals. You know your your second point that I had. There was They played hard when it mattered. The most you know that we're GonNA talk about it here in just a minute with the reading series but big played nine teams and fourteen days and they won eight of the nine. So you're you're pretty good there. And then of course goaltending everybody saw Robert Meyer and the lights were bright and he was great. Don't get me wrong but journey Smith in the first round on one of the best ball any performances. I've ever see so those were the three big points. I took out of everything treatment. John give me some kind of flash the memories of the fans back in time to some of the the names the impact guys on that team that you think of instantly when you think of that season of that accomplishment. Oh golly buried for sure the captain of the team you know. He was great during the regular season scoring with nine goals in the postseason and Dustin sproat who was just spectacular with eleven goals in the post season. And then not Jimmy Kilpatrick good all season Brett Robinson gets the game winner. And then you go on on the back side you know with read. Cashman who played most of the year in the American League now. He's assistant coach with the Washington. Capitals Jason Joseph. He's been eliminated by the cyclones when he was in polio. And Not in seven and then In Vegas wait. I guess if you can't beat him you better join them with two goalies. That was a good rump man. Oh Man John. Hamill checking in the outstanding play-by-play Voice of the cyclones ten years ago tonight when they hoist the Kelly Cup and win the Cup for the second time in three years. We're GONNA be joined coming up in our next by Chuck Weber. The coach of that team John. You sent me a lot of notes leading up to this which I cannot thank you enough for and one the jumped out to me a Michael Jordan aspect of this. Tell that story if you could absolutely Obviously he was the owner of the Charlotte Basketball team and when we showed up to the arena for gains six. It was Morning Skate that day and We were coming into the building at exactly the same moment but Michael Jordan was and And says we're coming in. Mj There's good luck you guys. You're playing great guys wins in Didn't do so well. We lost three nothing so my job at seven was to make sure he was nowhere. That's beautiful lover. Steve Kerr when we need it. Exactly exactly I mentioned. We're going to talk with chuck the next segment. Let me ask you you working with Chuck pre-game interviews around him. All the time practice bus. What was what was Chuck Weber? Like tell me about the impact. He had on that team because man he had a magic one hundred and seventy seven games in four years here in forty five playoff games when he was here he was spectacular the biggest capital but I can give he was he was terrific with managing the people. He's one of the festive value. Raiders of talent that I've ever been around in any sport and When when it comes I worked with sparky with Bo Sham. Becker with Huggins and John Harbaugh I put him in that echelon both for being on the floor as well as being behind the scenes. I mean just spectacular. I can't say enough good things. I think the thing that that maybe jump south. Most you gotta remember. We had check here for four seasons. Well it was really closer to five. Because in an E C Chelsea's seventy two games in four years coach. Seventy one man unbelievable off before I let you run. Catch everybody up kick cyclone fans up. What are you up to these days? What keeps you busy. Well tell you what I bought my wife here with about a thousand stories from that so Every every time I think about something I'll throw out a note. Just see the is role but for me. Since I've left the organization I worked with the Great Education Team over Cuba Providing solutions for feeding kids in school so They takes a bunch of my time. And I'm certainly glad to be involved with that and you know it's been a good run for me all the way around. I eat great years with the cyclones. I can't think those people enough for everything they did to me John. This was a blast. And I I can't tell you how much it means You sent me an email a couple of weeks ago gave a heads up but I circled it on the calendar. I love on this date and sports things related to this town. I love taking fans back to those moments and your notes were perfect in fact. Y- you help Lineup Chuck in our next segment was was fantastic. It means a great deal main. Thank you absolutely. I certainly appreciated and Boy I can't wait to hear what chocolate is to say John. Thank you take care. Stay safe all right there. You Go John. Hamill the voice of that team ten years ago tonight. Cyclones voice the Kelly Cup in front of thirteen thousand four eighty three a US bank arena and up. Next the coach he won to Kelly Cup. Titles four years here. One hundred and seventy seven wins. Forty-five playoff wins. Chuck Weber will join US next. It's Arnold carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred. Wwl W plumbing eight twenty. Three seven hundred wwl. W It's sportstalk Arnold carriers for talk presented by Chelsea Chevrolet. I'm Lance McAlister. Thanks for hanging out and tagging along tonight The theme in this half hour ten years ago tonight. Cyclones hoist the Kelly Cup and completely a magical run through the postseason. Our next guest guided the Cincinnati cyclones to to Kelly cups in his four seasons. One hundred and seventy seven regular season wins. Forty-five playoff wins. It is a pleasure to welcome in former head coach of the Cincinnati. Cyclones Chuck Weber Coach Lance McAlister. How are you doing great? Glad great to hear it is great. Oh everything is fantastic. I'm so excited to talk with you. When I found out that John said you were going to be able to join me. I wonder as you think back ten years ago tonight. The the sense of pride and accomplishment in how magical that run was. Just just an amazing run. Wasn't it it was yeah especially with being the fifth seed in the playoffs. It wasn't like the year in a way. Were basically the the leader right out of the gate to the finish line and You know we went through so much adversity. I think we went through styles forty five players during the regular season and With everything else going on and you know we again we were achieved. One every what I hammered Stojan even game and the first two rounds send put ourselves down three nothing against writing and And then came back and then quick turnaround flute up. Boise Idaho that with four games to that was. That was the easiest of all the series. Take me back to the conference finals and you delivered a speech. The just win a period speech. Tell me about that. Yeah I don't really think it was so much the speeches guys were in a good spot and it was it was we had nothing.

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