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About the fact that Jeff Sessions, the sitting attorney general actually submitted his resignation to the president and quit his job when out to the west executive drive and had to be coaxed out of the car to rescind his resignation, or we'll talk about that on the other side of this break. I major Garrett was even Portnoy. Now, an excerpt from the audio book of Mr. Trump's wild ride Trump watches an inordinate amount of television or as former White House lawyer Taikang told me a load of television from cobb's charitable point of view. That makes Trump a great multitasker. The first year of his presidency would be defined by multiple tasks. He said in motion and the many mistakes he committed because he watched a load of television what he sees in what he watches about world events and him can drive policy. The first Syria missile strike is a classic example. The image is horrified Trump. He wanted to rapidly flip the chemical weapons script inherited from President Obama. He launched Tomahawk missiles, and for his first year that became a plot point, luster tiv- of his decisive leadership courage in a cocoon of cable coverage. His worldview is not only shaped by television. Vision, his judgment of and reaction to events, true or false are reinforced almost entirely by TV Trump gathers information and other ways, of course, but TV is Trump and Trump is TV..

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