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And they also have been a house go. Why not model? That's amazing. She did that. And then she her wiz on do. You think she wants to maybe? And then what's the amazing race her family was she's been on TV since like birth like seventeen. Oh, so she didn't really what were you freaked out me it. Yes. And no, I was around everyone. I'm super comfortable around big deal. But it was more like Becca, actually, what you and your husband's adequate the one night we had dinner. You were talking. Zach was like it's kind of weird when you have to do like you've to walk in and then kinda re walking to get the right shot fake thing. And it's not right deuce thing. It's just they there are things into making a television show. And that was the stuff that freaked me out. Yeah. What do you mean? What did I walk wrong in my my posture's bad? Like, what did I do? Yeah. So that was the stuff that freaked me out, but everything else. It was kind of easy ever a moment where you're like terrified of what he's gonna come. I am Ellie was going to see her every minute of every day. Really the pilot. Are you still feeling do you still feel like that? Absolutely. Wow. Do you ever have to call your parents? It'd be like just watch. Luckily, no, my my mom like my family. My my sister. My brother my dad, whoever they're they're just like we. We know we already know all this stuff. It's coming out later, right? My grandmother wrote me a handwritten letter like season disappointed, grandma. See after season three like a four page handwritten letter. And it was like I just wish everyone knew the Christian bombing this, and that whatever I can't watch study more, and I'm like, you should have never been watching it to begin with. Yeah. We talk about trust. Still my niece and nephew. While my niece can watch it now 'cause she's twenty two my nephews thirteen yet. He's not allowed to watch it when he when he was like, I think he was like eight or seven or eight years old, and he went into school and told his teacher that his aunt is on a TV show, and she does don't TV adult movies. So he's on my watch kid now your teacher. Because that's what I say. It's a dull content adult stuff. You don't get your watching. You're an adult. It's okay. All right. So give us the scoop give us the rundown. There's like like how's everything you can be vague because we're like not really on time who. Jay. Give us any gossip you wanna share? That's my wish I fast forward through scenes. I can't. Yeah. That's for threat. He's painful, he's extremely painful. It's another of of torture. Yes. Did you ever fun reality TV? It's like evil. Yeah. You guys are so fun, and like lovable, and I feel like you all I mean, maybe you had said this restore that where it's like you at the end of the day, you'll respect each other. So it's like you're doing your job and you're fighting with each other. Chess. I still was like, you know, what it when I hit it Arianna. I'm like, she's bleeding out for the show. She's doing like sacrificing the law. It's but him not hint. Did you ever hear the story about Sogeti Schimmel has the bitch bible as you hear about that? Oh, prank calling. Yes. Absolute Gloria from wack Ma tell the story. I I don't know if she ever got to tear it technically because I think she did. And then had to retract him. But I haven't tucked away in my Email because she is Jackie Schimmel is the gift that keeps. She's so funny. She's ranked call she pranked called James Kennedy as Gloria from lack Ma and she wanted to do an exhibit based on this music video that he dated many years back where he liked pours paint, Oliver himself confetti and shitty. Alleyway in like ghetto Hollywood exactly which alleyway would like. And he was so into it. It's like, okay..

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