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Worst things because they're very religious zealots. Oh My Gosh. Yeah what so. What have you guys been doing on your on your home rest? I know tips been laying down Recording himself song. Like how often would you say you shave yourself to a every other day? Okay every other day go even though you are incomplete self-isolation yeah. Yeah I like that. You'd basically because if you if you if I ended up waiting longer than every other day. Then it's much more irritating to my skin to shave Quality entertainment on a slander process to. I haven't been doing much. Been doing coding. And then like watching movies. With my daughter I watched Onward last night also watched onward. Yeah I thought it was. I thought it was pretty good. I don't think it was. I don't think it's a top Tier Pixar movie because it's kind of. It's a little bit by the numbers like you. Watch the first fifteen minutes of the movie. You know everything that's going to happen for the rest of the movie. And I there are some elements like I think. The main character scenes like animation didn't feel on par with Looks good but I didn't think it looked as high quality is I also felt like the characterization was A lot simpler than generally in Pixar movies. They didn't feel like realistic characters. They felt like Everyone had one Thing that defined their character. Yeah but overall I still feel like it was pretty good. I liked the idea of the story. They on this does. Are these main characters. Live in a world where magic was a thing. And they're all like they lived in a world where it was Lord of the Rings and then some people actually it was D- Dod because of a Lord of the rings didn't have gelatinous cubes and then someone developed electricity. And everyone's like it's too much work to learn magic. We're just GONNA DO technology instead of like this. Is the Pixar movie. Yeah so like BASF into the future our main characters living in a world where drives cars and everything but magic still exist. Everyone's just too lazy to do it. And then our main character essentially has lost his father and he really wants to meet him and there's like he's basically gave them a gift of like a magic spell that will let them see them for one day. Then thing about it is like I was looking at it and I was like. What's the parallel supposed to be here with modern day because the parallels that I kept seeing? We're like like his old brother who's obsessed with all the old stuff and all that is is the parallel there. It seems like someone who's obsessed with A civil war reenactment or vikings or anything that racist people love from the past. Well I think the parallel is actually just someone who's like a DVD ner but if etc deedee Israel which really muddies the waters their World War India Israel. I mean the the movie is all about how The values of the past are better and we should go back to them which is not a great value to promote. I think he can run a political Campaign off that and win me. Yeah I like a gift with the I think. The moral of the story was more about like valuing Stop valuing this daljit value. What you have like. The main character headed a nostalgic idea. Wanted TO MEET HIS DAD. When and then at the end of the movie he realized his little brother.

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