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That's what got me interesting in. That's why I loved it ever since you know what I mean and. That's like selling my stuff wasn't a big deal because I just love this I want to do this and turn the we wanNA stop and you're GonNa die I was going to try I'll go look. I tell people all the time I'd rather. And they think it's like a tough guideline. It's not what my father taught me I'd rather. I'd rather die broke and standing on my feet then living on my knees and dive rich. I mean like this is what I love to do, and that's it. There's no frigging bank job or where. For you know I would've sold the house I would have lived in a cardboard box. To do just to do this. So but you did do it. She had to do again the call to come here. So you get this great reaction from the match, and then how do you get the call that came in we're going to. Christopher Daniels, hit me again. Just I know almost everybody in this for all these guys all these guys from multiple years. He calls me up. He Goes Amen we WANNA bring you back Blah I said yes sure. Again, just the booking at the time I'm thinking. I come in I, get a call from the competition. I talked to the core CD. On TV. Well to be honest to them. You know what I mean. They were trying to get me to coach God so years. Okay. Yeah. But my thing wasn't I told them I said I can't collect the paycheck. If I didn't earn it you don't want. Yeah and they were like, what do you mean might thing was I was going to go in their? Coach be bitter and angry about coaching right now getting shot and these guys who don't. They love wrestling now because there at the performance on an offense to them are getting paid. It's great when you have under contract. Yeah. First Year. On the road getting paid hot dogs and Soda. But I would've I would've been so bitter and angry I wouldn't have done a good job and I would have been detrimental to those kids So I was like Nah, I'm good and then so anyway the now they were talking about other things besides coaching. And Yeah I had the way, my options and I came here and I told a couple of people. Any look competition hit me up just letting you know I'm not begging for a job. That's what you do. Yeah. You know it's very hard for me to play this supposed- wrestling game. It's very, very hard for me. To, the point where side story to the point where homicide? Who is my mentor? I called him up one time. I was like man I, feel dirty affiliate playing the game I want to throw up and he was like, what did you do when I told him and he said shut up Thing. Okay. but Yemen I just said that to them and then. Actually no Chris for go say here's a contract. Since giving. He's a contract that said. I'm going to read it over, but let me let me digest this real quick. and. Eighteen years. Of Busting My ass love the scene guys who I helped. Make It, and that's fine. But you know this, let's be honest. There's always a little bit of hatred there like. I helped these. Now they're in w we are a W and I'm still stuck. Okay. Okay. Yeah. You know you happy for them but there's still a feeling that because it's competition. Yeah. Yeah. I was just blown away. I was blown away by the reaction I didn't deal with the reaction to last week. where in front of the my lady. Friend. I broke down crying. And she's like, why are you calling I was like This this is old I go. Yeah. Just never dealt with it. You know what I mean and Broke down crying and then I went. Okay enough. Yeah. I was like now it's time to go to work some the make AWA money. It's time to be a top star whatever it is. You know what I mean it's time to go. Yeah, and that's Right Talk Jericho's brought to you in part by Madison Reed of no working from home has become the new normal for most of us, and that means a video meetings have become the norm as well and I'm sure some of you and your co workers are sporting some great corentin beards, facial hair and a bit. There's a lot of ribbing going on over all the graybeards. Well, if you WANNA keep that beard but not the gray..

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