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Unwelcome tea coffee house, shorts spectators takes. Macos reeling from last night's televised to relieve ship, hostas case, did you have a main takeaway from it of that? You would just glad that the case was over. Messi, I'm not sure he wanted the BBC one when needed that debate was a format which I think, I mean, a lot of pressure and Boris Johnson ahead of this thing that this guy's at this myself. This is a risk of him in the end didn't feel that risky for him. I think partly because you having five candidates going free and no one was quite sure how many candidates would be in this debate, because we had the second ballot just before it was only Dominic Robb was knocked out. And I think the fact that you had five people debating men, there is harder to pick that person down and also the format which was questions for members of the public from GD down the line meant almost have to censor. The content is very eager to please specific person and spent about half, they're often given that person compliments. Saying how much they respect them and the hardships had been free role in actually getting to the topic of what they would do to solve that agreed with the point to the policy would be. And then you at times back to the past, and then give their verdict. I think in that sense. I thought Charlie hunt did quite well at least an Oxford because there was one question on tax. And I think you can really ever seen it better. Hebrew, Jami hunts team if it's interesting which is the idea that this man taback has had Jeremy hunt's on his right. Good. Thank you, Jeremy Rory. You're talking rubbish, given that Jeremy hunt's campaign has lost momentum in ROY juice gained that was very good for that team think such Javid really came through, and much more combative and raise him to get himself into the debate into the leadership race, even in a way that he has struggled today. And I suppose Johnson, I mean, I think we can get onto the question on his love affair BIA and the questions surrounding it, but I would say that was probably his. Difficult answer. But even then I think he was re dented by that. I didn't think it was a show stopping performance that inspired the nation to Bros. Johnson is the man to lead the toys to win a majority. But a dating had dentists campaign anyway. So therefore, I think the Boris Johnson team will be happy of it. The big thing is that momentum was checks the other candidates made a concerted effort to get off to him. And. Voice should have responded. I mean, most people expected Royster to Geico Boris Johnson. I ended up going all of the candidates on state very struck by a few minutes on debate an MP coping. He's undeclared who is precisely the kind of person where we stood needs. He's going to get to the final two and he was very cross voice because he felt that ruse to trash the entire to rebrand. I mean Muslim quite happy, if trash the Boris brand, but he thought that the attacks on going over candidates are being out of touch with reality and Suzy extending that from Brexit entire domestic agenda hundred irritated this person. So I mean, you combine that with the concerted Brexit effort to get him off the vote today, and I stood momentum has definitely been checked case. He's right at the format meant that, that no candidate got pinned down. So in a way that didn't have the danger image was gonna forensic examination, always questions. I was. Something else, which is Berge chemically urged him not Wade into controversy. But as the debate went on you could see that he was getting itchy finger. And then he wanted to get in more and more more. And not last third of debate, he was doing more and the end he really wanted to come back in, and I'm gonna make time now I've got to end this. But you could tell this is going to be one of challenges. He is no Titian who likes being told to play it safe, even though that is his campaign's strategy at the moment. Do you think he's going to be the strategy? Once it goes to the membership. No hunch is when it comes to the membership he will try and turn those hostages almost into rallies the audience, there, there's hustings will be by definition of Tory members and he will try on them up and get them going and make it feel much more like a rally raw than debate between two candidates. And I think that obviously the great of a sense of inevitability about his candidacy, the. Easier that will be do for him. And also this question of who is opponent is matters so much catered you think the conservative is a whole came out, well from those debase, not massively. I mean, I think that it was a bit of news to some degree because it's been lots of criticism facts to contest of which the people get to say, very, very small percentage of the population and the public going to have to have this person this prime minister. So there for it shouldn't be taking face behind closed doors. I think they're at two audiences in this tour contest. And one is the people get to say so MP's members. So I think you can see why lots of MP's think this is over job into fee. But clearly have to remind to the vote ins I think as they weren't going to do debates. It, it would be a bad lick. They weren't going to do any of these entities and so forth. I think as soon as you agree to these debates. It does clearly descend into this blue on blue type scenario, which could be weaponized by opposition is now I think the still probably a stronger argument, the during the debates the no but I think it's hard to see how you can really have this many candidates at least. A more constructive as an of it. And that's every Kandic Reese too. Same thing this always going to be one candidate. He feels that they entry pluck yet to make the Mark. I think what would be interesting, as we are expecting one on one entities with Angie Neal in the next week, we'll say wants to finally have been decided, and I think that would be probably more eliminating in terms of format than debate, and that would be where I think people who want to know what the prime minister is actually about probably be able to clean more just because I think there is a format which will lend itself more to opening the terming a whole bunch of material. He's pinkies is quite student for Jeremy hunt who was the health and social care that could into a relatively recently to save it social cuts social care had gone to fall and you have today in a separate entity such job at say he will put on the police over over officers to resume in verse comments took off the street because the cats were linked to the rise in violent crime the Kuban script about the consequences. Verity is being risen very easily for him by these to recant roots. And I mean, this is this is one of the big risks, which is that you're at the end of it, Jeremy gorens take my word for it just listen to what the former health and social cache. Extra says, listen to what the home secretary says as he runs through the so-called consequences authors. Katie that's been around this morning, about one of the people who else questions last night experiments gang on. Yes. So at at sheet since this polka dot they're not to rise, the fast rise of deliver. Gusta speaking from a CD in Bristol as he as he was introduced, and he asked a question about Islam phobia, now it's probably one of the most difficult questions as you mentioned the night, some of the candidates USA, Javid use it to prescence idea of having an inquiry of candidates to agree to that. But has since transpired for Addidas Twitter at what pissed be Twitter account that he has been very critical of the conservative party. He has. Several things about Jews. He is a someone who has defended Kuban. He wants tweeted every political figure on the payroll is scaring the world about Kuban. They didn't like him. He seems best to tackle them and clearly into the conversation question of what is the vetting procedure, the BBC, because if you will trying to have a debate, will you ask the next prime minister's questions is that the person you'd want to ask that question? Now, the BBC have said the I wouldn't exactly an opponent, if they've issued some have apologized, but others have said, well, this account was de-activated this Twitter account. So when they actually went to the vetting process, he had no social media presence, and it was only reactivated off to the debate and that point, you can see all the previous tweet. So I think there was a sense of we can actually prevented this. You've already seen people could back saying well when did you start your vetting procedure? There's a second Ribe raring about one of the questions because I. It someone he appears to previously what will be involved with the labor party, you are final question. So I think the BBC being Austin, if they created the Farris platform on this, and I'm gonna come into more scrutiny about them James the questions still valid. They won't they there's a question about if you someone else question out words, having consquences, Berrow months, have to be above reproach by definition imams. I lost nine he believes that his tweets have consquences, and I'm not has to be considered. I mean is I mean, the, the BBC let the debate down because the question loses its moral forward to more force. If the person on skin, the question, it appears to be compromised as this gentleman. Does that is a problem? I also think that. I have some sympathy for the BBC on this miss respect, which is, is difficult to organize debate when two hours before it starts, you know, you're going to have people that three people back. But even having said that, I think last night was an example of what we get wrong about date of TV debates in this country. We have TB weights in this country takes five Chas uncomfortable him ballroom, stools and a TV camera and a host in America. They have a whole commission on presidential debates Lissa gate, all of this stuff in even the primary Bates win the party weeks of negotiations about it, and it's easy can push. It's kind of law with the Americans being presumed precious. But the format last night, really didn't help anyone trying to understand politics, if you coming into that debate looking to be informed about what these candidates for doing you to want to way, particularly illuminated, and I think that, that was I there was some structural things could have been done about. The way the questions were all of what it was weird to choose to have questions come down the line from around the country that could have fro back to nationwide from the nineteen seventies ever have have Emily hosted debate and be the ringmaster also questions all have a studio audience, and them all suppressions, seem very old hardware house, do I mind..

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