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Who appreciate the moment I like that. I like that energy early on this Saturday morning. But and I probably have been too harsh on Brady. I really have cause Of what he's accomplished in his career. But I can't help how I feel about it. You know when I'm watching the you know, And that was my entry point to this conversation was that opener between breeze and Brady going back and forth, considering with those two guys have accomplished throughout their career, 855 to 124227855. 212 For 2 to 7. You can also get at me at Robin Lundberg on Twitter. That's r O b I n l u n d b E R G ah, Roberto Rodriguez Tweets and I live in Houston in the discussion on the radio I heard was is to Shawn Watson regressing since that amazing rookie season. Look, I I've never quite put Shawn Watson in the same class as Wilson or Mahomes or or even Jackson now, but I don't think Sean Watson's really regressing. I think he's a pretty good quarterback. I just think that the situation around him has regressed a little bit mean they were in the playoffs Last year, they were up 20 for nothing. On the chief's last year, but there's been a lot of turmoil around him and turnover around him in Houston, and I just don't love the support system there so much. Let's go to Chris in Birmingham, Alabama. Chris, You're up next here on CBS Sports Radio. What's going on, Chris? Thanks for having the rabble number I do. I give my opinion on it. I feel you can win with pretty much any quarterback on this week. Um, I don't live like cattle like categorize, say the Total back are dying breed of any kind of I mean, I'm like I'm saying in a sense of light Like you have a quarterback inability to stand place, but you didn't go there. Did one president feel like multiple asset protection that no like a quarterback and throw a ball and questions so I mean, you know, I mean, and block was so I mean, Can I wear seat is well, well, Romney. I see that. Ah, there you have a tendency to put quarterbacks on a very high pedal still compared to other divisions on the field. It is And this is what we can see you like the most The most most best, the most important position in team. I mean, we'll be well, we can't answer it like Consider who snaps the ball to Miz reports mission thinking that canned also snap it off from them in his off constantly. I mean, we can't even bury him again. Play without Throwing up, so I mean, like, I think about it like we can name Crash, One of the great SUVs would became name. It became well, Fabrique enable these five would be while I'm in office level linebacker who would not end in the game right now in nine days and And they don't even give them next year and we still can't give them announce me and also love her like is that like Reason what quarterbacks so good and get past that much? The FDA. So can't like the defense nowadays, they think, thank you thinking this is a bit pigeonholed because they get called for unnecessary calls or Maybe hit a quarterback on the top of the head when he stands like Get any bail intestine so I mean, if you have to honestly take into account like they have been looking all cases the point that they let my sexy next I believe I can win with taking a quarterback Magazu vendors reverie. Well, I mean, Taysom Hill is a different style Quarterback. Yeah, Obviously, we don't even know if he's technically a quarterback and appreciate the coal man. Ah, No, I mean, what would his position is at the moment They're playing this firm to be a quarterback? Technically, I don't know if he's deployed as a quarterback at the moment, right? Your right to a degree. I mean, I brought that up near the top of the show. Is that when we are discussing football in the NFL in particular We spent so much time on the cubes and the skill position players and that's how we sort of define whether team is good or not, And there are a lot of other aspects that go into whether a team is good. And a lot of that in the trenches. A lot of that. You know the pass rush the coverage cornerbacks, you know, having ah, defense of captain who Khun figure out what's going on the offensive side. So many different factors. Point You know, you could go on and on analysts and that does not get The representative coverage in the media. When it comes to the pure analysis of the winning and the losing and who is good, or who was not? That is fair. At the same time. It's not out of proportion to be talking about the quarterbacks, because that is the most important position, and anyone within the NFL would tell you that, right? Like you know, the people who are trained and do this for a living. I would tell you. That's the reason they get the most money. It's the reason that you know, the teams that are consistently at the top of the league have great quarterbacks. So that is why you know the quarterback position in and of itself. Gets discussed the way it does, including on this show. Plus people like talking about it more because they know the Gordon about Bronson in Illinois. Bronson, You're up next here on CBS Sports Radio..

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