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Our provinces have any power anymore all powers in london and on top of that that's where motion picture industry is and our wall street and our fashion industry its london london london all london and nothing else that's why these terrorist attacks on london or white an attack on march the dc the new york at hollywood i'll wrap up in one they should don't give up the power of your state so of subsidiarity of of a county stay and a and a local government at yes even county government that kind of respect when when it gets on the fringes a becomes so little government you have energy okay now my mentor intellectually was william at buckley james burnham greatest book suicide of the west russell kirk all of those people when i was in school there were no books there was no gigantic library of conservative thought like now there were a handful of people in economics the austrian school live bovine says a of a handful of people the road to serfdom hayek a handful you had to go looking for when i was at loyal were you now rural miramonte you but if the john birch society was too much for me i was a fan of eyes in our he was not a conscious our own i'm conscious aged of the conditions virzy at bill buckley wrote them off do you know how many white supremacists which never touch the john birch society all those right wing of crete groups they are condemn isolated and considered at as bad as communists by everybody that i know in the republican party when i came across in article v of the day that i'm going to do i'm taking excerpts out of it to condense it for you so that if i get colder sit in for a rubber dhabi again or any of the other great holds some talk radio network i can give you the essence of this article to tidal news not nothing too far to the left h the liberal philosophy of america today which is totally captured lock stock and barrel the democratic party they fly nothing to the left as far left is you wanna go communism they buy nothing it is unacceptable or does in that good ideas that's what liberals are the so far from being a conservative today it's like the up and down of left and right is just absolutely totaling one.

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