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At lenox owner, Charles Finley, treated his mule Charlie. Oh, better than he treated his players too. Early on a beautiful trailer, green goal with Charlie. Oh, the mule painted on the side, and he had an air conditioned trailer, and we had buses ahead, no air-conditioning it coming up that story and more from baseball lifer Ken Harrelson, and remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter at only game NPR. Did cutting taxes actually grow the economy. What makes DJ Cal is the king of pop music. The indicator daily podcast, where we tackle the big economic questions. I'm Nora prince Yati coming up next week on only a game, how softball and not baseball became the diamond sport for girls and women. But now the week's news Charlie Pierce, Hello, Charlie, Nora, the NC double a. announced a list of reforms, Wednesday in one new rule would allow high school and college basketball players who have been deemed quote, elite unquote to hire agents. Another would allow college athletes who don't get drafted to return to school. Do we have to hold our noses and give the NCW credit for this when Charlie? No, because the fundamental inequity of major college basketball still exists, namely that all of these rules are designed to keep you from having to pay the hired, help these rules that were put through with apparently no input from either the NBA or USA basketball. Even though one of the rules assigns new responsibility to say basketball, that USA basketball doesn't even want this is the NC double a. going rogue because it's being caught up in FBI investigation. That's almost as ridiculous as the. Itself, they can't get out of their own way on this. So couple hundred state fans including the father of Cowboys running back. Ezekiel Elliott gathered outside the team stadium earlier this week for a rallying support of head coach, urban Meyer and Meyer is on paid paid, administrative leave during an investigation of what he knew about domestic abuse by one of his assistants. So what I'm wondering Charlie is what could possibly lead these people to believe that Meyer is the victim here football, you know what? The human mind football twists fume in mind, especially the male human mind into all kinds of different weird shapes. And I don't mean physically on the field. I mean as a fan places like Columbus, Ohio, and as we learn state college, Pennsylvania and one hundred other places, coach literally can shoot somebody in the main street on campus glud and you'll get a rally together supporting him because he won eight games last year, staying on football, a little birdie told me Charlie that this is your favorite. The time of the entire sports here because you love.

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