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Steve moakler is coming into the studio i'm also curious about the show they drive around and camper all over the country and they set up a pallet and christmas lights and they play shows for the fans kantor and it's amazing camper tour yeah well and he we we're on the radio right here yeah come on and everybody would you talking about you we were talking about first of all the camper tour yeah man where you drive around let me get the straight steve moakler just listening right now steve moakler then you drive around in a camper and then you pal and you stand on it and you put christmas lights up around you that's it and you play for fans that's it how there kroger i didn't know that any to two big deal and the overhead there but how do you pick where you're going across the country so we put a word out online in we just we say hey we're going to be taking offers and submissions for the next few weeks and then once we get them all in they're all sitting there on a spreadsheet and we just we route out where we wanna go and we take the best offers and we also fill in between so it's really an equal playing field for anybody get paid for that just a little bit yeah they pay you to come to their house uhhuh will you do like a barbecue yeah let me ask you a question yeah here's been thinking about him i'm thinking about having a labor day party at my house yeah how much steve four here we need a book for the camera tour just make sure it's on his route like pulled out a next i've moved could swing it live is on the way to everywhere yes it is i think that'd be so fun especially if you brought the pallets and the christmas lights limit here some of this here's steve moakler maybe born ready.

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