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AP's? Jackie Quinn reports. One members calling for an investigation into the internet providers century lay expressing concern about a nationwide internet outage FCC Commissioner, Jessica Rosenthal. Purcell says her agency needs to look into what caused this coast to coast disruption. It led to nine one one services being unavailable to people in parts of Washington state, Missouri and Arezzo Idaho officials say they also lost some nine one one phone systems along with those at their departments of correction and education ATM's were reported down there too along with several other states and the Wyoming lottery office was also affected. I'm Jacky Quin. A new area for eighteen African penguins has opened at rooms by Opoku zoo, the international union for conservation of nature says African penguins are an endangered species. Rooms penguins arrived from zoos into written northern Italy. And Bristol England the transfer was pounds of the European endangered species programme which aims to preserve a population of healthy endangered animals in captivity half of the penguins, female, Hoffa male, and they are all between two and four years old. Most Americans support using gene editing technology to create babies protected against a variety of diseases. According to a new poll, but the poll by the Associated Press, an OR see center for public affairs research shows, they draw the line at changing DNA so children are born smarter faster or taller a month. After startling claims of the world's first, gene. Edited births in China? The poll finds people are torn between the promise of this powerful technology and concerns over how to use it ethically. The partial shutdown and Trump, I'm Tim Maguire, Verlaine AP news minute. President Trump threatens in a tweet to close the border with Mexico. If Democrats don't agree to fund the construction of a border wall impasse has caused a partial government shutdown. That's nearly a week old budget director, Nick Mulvaney, says democratic leaders have walked away from the negotiations and the president is serious about the threat if they don't return to the talks options are on the table. Listen, it's the only.

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