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And we got a dramatic Dan pulling in the United Kingdom. Remember, this is our oldest ally. Our mother country with him. We fought ward. From World War One forward. They have had the special relationship with the United States. It remain special. We follow British politics with if not quite the fervor of American politics. We know who's up and who's down. We know Tony Blair food or aid. When nine eleven happened. We knew that Brits had fought alongside of Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan and all over the world. They've been in the jungle the Vietnam with us. They weren't Korea's hills. They are everywhere with us. And so when their government teeters on the brink we follow it in that if indeed word is this morning. Theresa May woke up to discover that more than forty eight members of her party had quote filed letters close quote with the nineteen twenty two committee their equivalent of the Republican National Committee, which triggers a confidence vote among the conservative members of parliament and to whether or not she ought to remain as prime minister, there are three hundred fifteen hundred members conservative members of parliament out of a total fifteen members and more than half of the fifteenth gone with you out she done, and they begin a leadership election process. Close to threaten fifteen but not quite a majority of three hundred and say you're done she'll probably quit anyway, she's a badly wing prime minister right now. And there are already odds on who will replace her with Boris Johnson. Dominic Robb JV others coming inside job. Read all winding up as the buzzard circle over the still moving body of Theresa May. She came out this morning and spoke with Oliver heart about what she's going to do. And if you didn't hear it in the first hour, I'd play it for you. Because this is a breaking news show. And I bring it to what she said about two hours ago number sixteen. I'm not hearing the audio. I can. That's the wrong idea. I can see you're talking, but it's just not coming through. And you use the BBC stuff. All right. We'll try it. Again. This is Theresa May in front of number ten Downing Street grand Brady has confirmed that he has received forty-eight letters from conservative MP's says it will now be those confidence in my leadership of the conservative party. I will contest that vote with everything I've got I've been a member of the conservative party over forty years. I've served it to an activist counselor and pay shadow minister home secretary. And now as prime minister, I still to be leader. Because I believe in the conservative vision for better future a thriving economy with nowhere, and nobody left behind. A stronger society where everyone can make the most of their talents with the national interest. And at this crucial moment in our history. That means securing Brexit steal the delivers on the result of the referendum taking control of our borders laws and money, but protecting jobs our security and our precious union as we do so. Good times and bad over the last two years. My passionate belief that such a deal is attainable. That a bright future. Lies ahead for our country has not wavered, and it is now within our grasp I spent yesterday meeting Chancellor Merkel, prime minister rutta president scan president Yohnka: to address the concerns that have with the backstop, and we are making progress to travel Dublin this afternoon to continue that work, but will now remain here in London to make the case for my leadership with my parliamentary colleagues a change of leadership in the conservative party. Now, we'll put our country's future at risk and to create uncertainty when we can least afford it and UNIDO wouldn't be in place for the twenty first of January legal deadline, so a leadership election risks handing control of the Brexit negotiations to opposition MP's in parliament, the need to wouldn't have time to. We negotiator withdrawal agreement gets the legislation through parliament by the twenty ninth of March one of their first acts would have to be extending or rescinding article fifty delaying or even stopping Brexit. When people want us to get on with it. And a leadership election would not change the fundamentals of the negotiation or the parliamentary arithmetic weeks, then tearing ourselves apart will only create more division, just as we should be standing together to serve our country. None of that would be in the national interest. The only people whose interests would be served are Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. The British people want us to get on with it. And they want us to focus on the other vital issues that matter to them to building a stronger economy, delivering first-class public services and the homes that families need these are the public's priorities. And they must be the conservative party's priorities to we must and we shall didn't on the referendum vote and seize the opportunities that Neier head. But the conservatives must not be a single issue party. We are a party of the whole nation. Moderate pragmatic mainstream committed to reuniting our country and building a country that works for everyone. The agenda is set out in my first speech outside this front door, delivering the Brexit. People voted for building a country that works for everyone. I have devoted myself unsparingly to these tasks ever since I. Became prime minister. And I stand ready to finish the job. I I think that the prime minister is a remarkable lady. And she really is. I was very excited when she became prime minister. But she got snookered on this Brexit deal. She got totally played. And the art of the deal is not something that you've ever read or lived. She's a very serious, very competent home secretary. She got it at something. She called a snap election managed to lose it to Jeremy Corbyn who is a radical Marxist, and John McDonald's, even to the further to the left how she lost that by being simply a terrible politician. She's a horrific poor politician now one hundred and fifty three members ever three fifteen have already said they're going to vote for her tonight. So it would appear that she might have is question time on right now, I've got on the back of my studio. Jeremy Corbyn standing up and Theresa May going back and forth. I love British politics for this reason. It's got a lot more of what we saw in the Oval Office. This yesterday. I wish we had more of what we saw in the Oval Office yesterday. In fact, I want to play for you the best part of it. It's the end of it yesterday in the Oval Office. We got a little glimpse. They don't like each other cut number fifteen. Big.

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