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I think trevor can be an international superstar. You know there's not many football players. Become international superstars three watching them at the opening scene. This guy could go to an nfl training camp right now. Throw one on one. Throw routes on air. Look like an nfl quarterback versus. I can't really recall anyone like him. That had the combination of that size and speed and ann arbor talent the first pick twenty twenty one. Nfl draft the jacksonville. Jaguars select trevor lawrence quarterback clemson. Everyone it's daniel jeremiah from move the sticks and i'm bucky brooks and this is trevor. Lawrence is three sixty buckeye jacksonville. Jaguars fans are fired. Up about trevor lawrence being their new quarterback after he is the first overall pick. But they're going to learn a little bit more about trevor lawrence today because we're gonna have a chance to talk to a lot of folks who know him very well yeah. Dj this is a really deep dive into trevor lawrence and all things trevor lawrence we can talk to his colleagues goes dabo swinney. We talked to his family members. We can talk to the mayor of carville who also called is game in high school. Trent dilfer and we're going to talk to his quarterback coach. Ville just get a deeper perspective. Who trevor lawrence is. Who he was coming. This is somebody buck you know going back to high school. And not a surprise he left. Highschool is the number one recruit in the country He arrives at clemson and he delivers in a big way I think we both agree. Is the best player in this year's draft class and somebody that again. I think you've got to be fired up in jacksonville. Because everything he can do. I don't know where the limits are with the skit lament. He's a very talented players. A five star talent Tremendous combination of arm talent athleticism Intelligence instincts natural leadership skills and a big stage performer. And when you think about a guy who's been a qb one. Since he was fifteen sixteen years old he has always lived up to the hype The jaguars again. A franchise quarterback rb the first time they've had a franchise quarterback in their franchise history. It's not going to be too big from. I think that's something you're gonna learn as you go through this audio podcast and listen to all of these interviews The first interview though is one that just recently took place. And it's with trevor lawrence himself. This is him talking with the media the day. He was drafted meyer. The biggest thing is that he's a winner you've seen. He's done this whole career..

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