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That was the news with gina grad all right i should tell people they outgrow show's brought to you by simply safe i recommend simplisafe to everyone know he got to check it out go to simplisafe dot com slash them that is simply safe dot com slash them and tell you guys to watch or listen to us suzie ormond show women and money every thursday on podcast when he can download women and money podcast one or the apple podcasts smart gal save that money man let's get smart showy brian what do we well tell everyone go watch formula one yeah that is our i should by john there we go easier say than rate a grand prix that's coming up this sunday bro twentyninth if that's a little heady for you can hit the road atlanta i'm watching dotson same sunday it'll be twenty nine spanish grand prix is coming up thirteenth on espn two they're both on espn two so check that should we tell people send you tweet if they like brian tyler yeah absolutely brian tyler music there you go sentiment tweet tillman how much you love and rob wriggle of course wriggles picks you can check that out on podcast one and apple podcasts as well until next for brian rob riggle gina grand ball brian say mahala my dick's not big enough for this follow the adam karol show on twitter at adam girl show following twitter down role and phone number if you'd like to louis voicemail is eight six four one seven four four may seventeenth cleveland agora theatre mateen outside detroit royal oak finding as man also in portland june ninth tickets on live on gaza angry and more go to adam corolla dot com.

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